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Loyal Marketing Corporation

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Loyal Marketing Corporation

has anyone ever been approached by Loyalty Marketing Corporation seeking to buy your vacation weeks? I'm a member with Exotic and would like to sell some of my weeks but somehow smell a scam?? Can anyone please advise....thanks, law50

Beaumont, Alberta...
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1. Re: Loyal Marketing Corporation

My husband and I were approached, we feel it is a fraudulent company. They phoned us and said they had a client wanting to purchase our vacation property. They actually sent a contract but it had no name of vacation property ut they wanted us to send a copy of the property contract and copy of paid membership fees. We actually have our property listed on a site, therefore we instructed this individual to place an offer through the site and we wouldn't deal direct. So far we haven't heard a thing. Ope this helps.

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2. Re: Loyal Marketing Corporation

Thank you so much for your help, Dawn....we, too, found this way too good to be true, and did not follow-up.

Exotic also informed us of these type of scammers and issued a bulletin to all members the next day.

Hope you're enjoying your membership.....we really need to get more use out of ours! Maybe it's time to plan our next getaway:)

Wishing you the best,

Lydia-Montreal, Canada

Hurricane, West...
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3. Re: Loyal Marketing Corporation

Do not mess with these people, they just took me for 11,000 in fees with the promise of rental income of 16,000.00 They have now disconnected their phones. Called the bank and froze my account because they have the account number and routing #. Sick to my stomach with such people.

Guadalajara, Mexico
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4. Re: Loyal Marketing Corporation

Sounds like scam... web site created on Nov 2012 and expires on Nov 2013!!! 17 years of experience?? Watch out!! not first time that I got a call and such an unbelievable deal!!!! Too good to be true!! Run..run...away!! And the worst.... contact email is a gmail account!!

Corran esto es un fraude!!! Web site creado en Nov 2012 y expria en 2013!! como pueden tener 17 años de experiencia??!!... correo de contacto es una cuenta de GMAIL.... corran esto es un fraude!!

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Austin, Texas
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5. Re: Loyal Marketing Corporation

I received a call and a proposal from them as well. this post was very informative, thank you.

I also was contacted by Golden World Solutions about purchasing my property.

Does anyone know about this company?

I have not used my weeks. We are with Sandos Resorts. We have a two week one bed room arrangement.

For me this has been a waste of money. It would be great if we could see our timeshare.

Has anyone legitimately sold their timeshare?

Mexico City, Mexico
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6. Re: Loyal Marketing Corporation

i know someone that got scammed by this company! DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH THEM!

Chilliwack, British...
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7. Re: Loyal Marketing Corporation

Here is a link to some info I found on line this morning. It is a fraud!! Do not deal with them! I do not know how they got so much information - but they sure sound convincing!


Ontario, Wisconsin
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8. Re: Loyal Marketing Corporation

I also have a Sando's Timeshare and have gone to the resort three times now I am trying to sell my timeshare and have not had any luck I just used my Sando's points to go to Hawaii that was amazing and fun. Also got contacted from Loyal to purchase weeks thought the purchase price of $19250 was to good to be true. Thank you for all your information. And NEVER NEVER trust anyone who wants you to give them money to purchase your timeshare or weeks we go thru all the motions and as soon as they give us a dollar amount they "NEED" from us just to give it back to us in closing we end the transaction hoping someday we will find one that is legit. If you do send them your contract black out ALL money and personal information other than your name and unit info and write COPY all over it then it no longer is a legal document.

Ontario, Wisconsin
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9. Re: Loyal Marketing Corporation

What site are you using to list your timeshare?


Lisa-Ontario, WI

Texas City, Texas
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10. Re: Loyal Marketing Corporation

When i was contacted by Loyal Marketing Corp. I was very skeptical due to the fact that i had been scammed before for thousands of dollars, but Loyal Marketing Corporation was very professional and made it easy for me to lease my unit. My agent showed expertise and finalizad my transaction faster than i expected.