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Timeshare Grief

Crewe, United...
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Timeshare Grief

I am trying to dispose of my timeshare due to a change of family circumstances, does anyone have any good suggestions have tried with a few company's on the Internet but some are just out to Promis you everything but delivery nothing. Any tips would be welcome. Have just put it on the market with confused about timeshare and keeping our finger crossed

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St Joseph Missouri
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41. Re: Timeshare Grief

DO Not give anyone money up front!!!!!

Been there done that

bye bye money

St Joseph Missouri
posts: 5
reviews: 40
42. Re: Timeshare Grief

I own timeshares and like them, some don't, that's cool

At one time years ago, I wanted to seel them,

I gave one of these companies money, that was a laugh,

Answers, I can't offer any, because I just don't know.

Don't give anyone money up front!!!!!


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43. Re: Timeshare Grief

Dear Graham,

Just noticed your problem of August 2012 of trying to sell your timeshare.

Hope you had success but if not then contact TATOC who will advise and put you in contact with reputable companies and without upfront charges.


Crewe, United...
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44. Re: Timeshare Grief

Thanks for that but I have lost all faith in companies trying to sell, decided not to pay maintence and let's see where that takes us

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45. Re: Timeshare Grief

Don't go anywhere near this company (http://www.sellmytimeshare.tv/). The company registration number on their website doesn't belong to Hollywood Marketing Limited (which is not a registered UK company). It has a zero credit rating, the company was formed with £1.00 and the 1 current director joined the company on 27.04.2011. It s a non trading company registered in the name: RICHARDSON COOPER INGRAM LTD

Edited: 1:20 pm, April 06, 2013
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46. Re: Timeshare Grief

Be careful doing this Graham. These companies are ruthless. I don't want to worry you but if you own UK property they can try and claim any unpaid fee's against your property. I've not looked at all the posts on this thread but may be considering giving it away free on Ebay or Gumtree and get the person to pay the title change over fee's etc. Good luck. (I am in the same position !)

Crewe, United...
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47. Re: Timeshare Grief

Thanks for info, I now have involved a solicitor to fight my corner, due to being miss sold this when we bought it. Just have to see where that takes us.

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48. Re: Timeshare Grief

Good luck Graham. Let me know how you get on as it might help us get rid of ours as well ! Wish you well.

Toronto, Canada
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49. Re: Timeshare Grief

You are now involving a solicitor??? They are almost is slick as timeshare sales people. I really think by hiring a solicitor you are throwing good money after bad. What do you really think they will accomplish? Let it go! NO company who wants money up front is ever going to sell your timeshare. Plus in todays market legit companies just aren't making any sales. Best advice is to just walk away and cut your losses NOW!

London, United...
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50. Re: Timeshare Grief

I called TATOC, who put me in contact with 5 companies. One of them being Confused about timeshare, whare Andrew Carter works.

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