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Worldwide Resort Club"

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Worldwide Resort Club"

Has anyone head of Worldwide Resort Club'? Website is - worldwiderci.com

Just attended a presentation by them - and was wondering if anyone has heard of them. They offer 2 vacations a year for $399.00 and state that it doesn't use your timeshare weeks - almost more like a vacation club.

Thanks for any info.

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1. Re: Worldwide Resort Club"

Interesting question, as we just came from a meeting and I am trying to research this company. Interesting that there are no BBB ratings and if they supposedly have over a million members it seems odd that they are nowhere to be found on the web. The program seemed "too good to be true" and we were concerned with the request for a cash outlay at the beginning. Although they promise a "membership rebate" check annually that will cover the cost of our maintenance fee and then some, what happens in the future if they are no longer in business due to the instability of our economic climate or mismanagement of the funds of members who have paid their deposits? I would not be comfortable giving $2500 today to an unknown company in exchange for a promise of future benefits.

Upon leaving I asked for a business card or a contact number in case we changed our minds, and was told they would be in touch with us. That set off alarm bells!

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2. Re: Worldwide Resort Club"

Please check your email...

Glad you did not buy in.

Latham, New York
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3. Re: Worldwide Resort Club"

Pattypie--Please send me what you found!

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4. Re: Worldwide Resort Club"

Pattypie, Could you please also send me what you found.

My parents got scamed on this deal.

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5. Re: Worldwide Resort Club"

Hello Pattypie,

Could you send me any information you have. I would greatly appreciate it, I believe my parents got scammed on this one.

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6. Re: Worldwide Resort Club"

Google the names of the people your parents talked to. I did - and that turned up that they had been involved in various "scams" in Fla and Nevada.

Look further and the fine print of "worldwiderci.com" and you will see that they are part of another group - that the people we talked to are almost like a third party group - selling something that in the end they have NO responsibility to.

Since your parents are part of RCI - call RCI and INSIST they talk to their legal team - and depending how much they were scammed out of - contact the State General, BBB and anyone else you can think of.

Just stay on the internet and keep digging - - there IS a lot to find - and a lot of other avenues to check and maybe get their money back.

And clean your computer of cookies!! Esp after going to worldwiderci.com

santa clara ca
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7. Re: Worldwide Resort Club"

how come no one answers the phone numbers you give out

Wellington, New...
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8. Re: Worldwide Resort Club"

I also googled Worldwide Resort Club and could not find a definitive website that identifies this company. There appears to be several companies of similar names all involved in timeshare of some sort.

Like a lot of similar deals especially involving timeshare touts - If a deal seems to good to be true it generally is.

I would give them a wide steer if it was me.

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9. Re: Worldwide Resort Club"

On October 4, 2011, I attended a sales presentation at Applebee's Restaurant in Ontario, CA. I bought a software program for vacation purposes. I was told I would receive $1920 in January 2012 for a program called "Pennies for Points". I called the company to ask how to do this and was instructed to send a certified letter to them requesting the $1920. I did so. I then received a letter from them stating I was not entitled to the $1920 as it was used towards the purchase price. The "Software License Purchase Agreement" I signed indicates the "Purchase Price" was $5,000. No where on the Agreement does it ever indicate I was given the $1,920 discount. I called WRCI numerous times and left messages. No one ever called me back. I finally got in touch with someone who could not tell me what his title was nor what he did for the company. I then asked to speak with a sueprvisor. I spoke with a Che Derothschild who was extremely rude to me and could not adequately explain why I was not given the discount of $1,920. He kept saying I owed them $80, and went on and on about how I was given the discount, etc. etc. I asked why I didn't have any paperwork that indicated that $1920 was deducted from the Agreement's purchase price of $1,920. He kept saying I was given the discount on a huge amount of money. He was yelling at me and extremely rude, wouldn't listen to me, and pretty much said that was that. I asked that he email me the paperwork that indicated the "huge" purchase price, etc. He never did. I have called him numerous times without a call back nor an email. I think this company is not doing a legal business and would like to either have my $5,350 refunded, or at least the $1,920 they say was credited. I have never used their services as I am afraid to as there is no one to speak with or to solve disputes. They also moved their offices and never notified me. I can provide you with all documents. I do not have any documents that show $1,920 was deducted from the Purchase Price of $5,000 as indicated on the Purchase Agreement I signed. I did initial that my Pennies for Points was used toward the purchase price, but it is not indicated on the Purchase Agreement. Further, if indeed I was not entitled to the $1,920 for the Pennies for Points, why when I called WRCI to inquire how to ask for the $1,920, was I told to send a certified letter. Why wasn't I, at that time, told I was not entitled to the $1,920 as it was used towards the purchase price? No where does it indicate this amount was deducted from the $5,000 Purchase Price as indicated on the Agreement. I do not believe that a person just saying it was is evidence enough, and as I cannot get anyone to send me anything nor return my calls, I feel I am entitled to this money or a complete refund of my entire purchase of $5350. Thank you. I appreciate any assistance you can provide me in this matter. I have tried speaking with an attorney, but they say they do not handle this type of thing. I wrote the California Dept. of the Attorney General, BBB (they have F rating), Federal Consumer Affairs. They have a new name...Prestige Software...they were also VIP software. they change their locations constantly and phone numbers. try this number: 702.475.1946. good luck and let me know what happens. cell # 347-762=6779.

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10. Re: Worldwide Resort Club"

Go to Las Vegas, Nevada's Better Business Bureau and put in VIP Software and then try Prestige Software. They changed their name 3 X's and their address 3 X's. The cell number I gave is for one of their "Directors" and he is very rude and arrogant. Good luck. I think I am most likely out all my money unless the Consumers Affairs does something.

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