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Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

Manchester, United...
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Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

Has anyone had any problems with a company called Resorts Direct, based in Essex, UK? They rang me last week saying they were from Petchey Travel, who I've used before, but after parting with money I find that they are nothing to do with Petchey.

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11. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

Contacted today by this outfit & after checking them out, backed up my feelings that they were a scam.After the sales pitch by Dolly of 2 weeks accommodation ANYWHERE in the next 3 years, I was offered this for £399+VAT though they offered to kindly pay half of the VAT.Next she asked if I would be paying by Visa or Mastercard & then what was the long number on the card! Are these people stupid enough to think I was just going to give my card details just like that? (sadly though some people may do) I ended the "chat" saying I would think about it, expecting another call back but after reading several "stories" about them online,quite looking forward to it.

Newcastle, United...
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12. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

About 3 years ago I received a call from a very persuasive young lady from Resorts Direct who said she was following up on previous timeshare holidays that my wife and I had experienced . One was a week at the Regency Club in Tenerife and the other a week in the Akamythea resort in Cyprus . Both had been around £120 for a 4* apartment with the proviso that we attended a 2 hour timeshare presentation in the resort . We had a great week each time with the resorts living up to their billing and the presentations were a bind but not unpleasant . Plus nobody can sell me anything I don't want . The young lady offered me a deal with them which in the end after much discussion was 3 weeks for the price of two in VIP accomodation for around £280 with 3 years in which to take them . She was happy for me to look at their website and review the range of accomodation available in numerous resorts and destinations . She rang back next day and I made the purchase . Documentation duly arrived confirming the deal . At that time I was using my daughter's Diamond Resorts points [ as she could'nt re children at school etc ] and I " forgot " about Resorts Direct until Oct 2112 when I a phone call from them asking me to upgrade my already purchased weeks to some sort of all inclusive package which I refused . I did however arrange to take one of my stored weeks at Castalia Park in Tenerife which is shown as a VIP resort on the website . It turned out to be very basic - 2* at best - but we had to spend nearly the whole of one day enduring a horific presentation by someone who picked us up in a car and took us to another resort where we had to endure a sales pitch to get us to pay £15.000 for 75 million credits with the EZY Group .The rep who dealt with us was your usual genial Irishman but his backup team were really abrasive and they became increasingly nasty as our determination not to be taken in by their ingenious con trick grew . They had lots of things to show us including their relationship with Birmingham City FC which were all designed to try to prove the legitimacy of their product . As a ploy to escape asap and to demonstrate that it was a scam I said I would go back to my apartment , review the product on my laptop , phone my bank to transfer funds to my current account and return the next day to conclude the deal but of course they would not let me go without signing up first . When I pointed out that any reputable car dealership would welcome me being sure before I bought they said it was Tenerife law that precluded anyone returning after a presentation to conclude a sale !!! . In the end we had to practically force our way out and the salesman returned us to our apartment in embarrassed silence . EZY personel said they had " bought " us from Reorts Direct and tried to frighten us throughout into completing the whole presentation by saying we would be thrown out of our accomodation if we did not comply . One member of the team , a really hard faced Scottish " lady " sneered at me at one point when I complained about the quality of the accomodation saying " you are really only trying to get a holiday on the cheap " to which I replied that Resorts Direct had explained they were able to provide 4* quality because they bought up under utilised weeks and they had approached me and not the other way around . Warning --if you are happy with 2* accomodation and can put up with a day's aggravation go for it . If you believe the hype and think you will get 4* and a gentle timeshare presentation in resort then avoid like the plague .I would be happy to take up my other 2 weeks in other resorts and refuse to do the presentations to see what happens but my wife has threatened divorce if I do . She is a lady used to 4/5* and I am a retired hardnosed Taxman who has just about encoumtered every confrontational situation you can think of !

London, United...
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13. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

Please be aware Direct Resort International and Resort Direct is one of the same. They have been calling us for the last 2 years. We have always declined. We have found out that they are linked to other disreputable timeshare companies.

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14. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

called last year and again yesterday, they don't learn! they want you to sit through a 90 minute blather session, which is never mentioned, otherwise you have to pay in full for your little jaunt, it all sounds too good to be true, and it is! My offer got really 'good' offering me city break in Budapest with flights at budget price, 4 yes 4 weeks instead of the initial 2, to be used over 3 years, fantastic .

Signing up tomorrow, I THINK NOT!

Halifax, United...
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15. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

The same people are also running a company selling festival tickets www.fib-benicassim.co.uk - they are not an official ticket seller & would recommend people don't buy from them.

Ashford, United...
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16. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

I had a call from them today saying they were from Direct Resorts, not a very imaginative name change. The original female caller handed me over to a male "dept manager" who was full of bull. He said he was in Basildon Essex but the call was an international "out of area" according to my phone. After 45 mins of listening to the crap, I asked him to call back later after speaking to my partner about it, then rang trading standards and reported them.......they were very pleased I'd called them!! It's a scam.

Cheltenham, United...
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17. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

I just had a cold call from Resorts Direct, they wanted to "reward" me for my loyal years of owning a timeshare (actually we own points in a holiday club) by selling me unsold weeks for £149 per week. The chap couldn't believe that I wouldn't want to take advantage of their amazing offer and passed me onto his supervisor who started to offer me european mini breaks. The whole things was all getting predictable so I terminated the call

London, United...
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18. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

My parents have recentkly had the same call as the one above. Thinking they were talking to Diamond Resorts, who we jointly have points with, they referred the caller to me. We were being offered 2 weeks for £198 each with Platinum status, so could take them anywhere & whenever we wanted, good for 4 years. I said I'd call beack today but left the phone number at home, so I tried contacting her through Diamond and that's when the BIG alarm bells started to ring, as there was nothing oj our record. We'd already decided not to accept the offer, but they had us convinced we were dealing with Diamond directly! It wasn't until I did call back this evening that I realised it was Resorts Direct (or Direct Resorts...)

South Yorkshire
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19. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

We are also getting calls every week from this company have told them we are not interested my husband got mad told them not to keep calling but still every week they do .

Edinburgh, United...
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20. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

I was one of the STUPID people who paid the money for this GREAT OFFER - At first I wasn't interested, but the girl assured me that we didn't have to go to their "interrogation" as we already have timeshares! However

when I tried to book was told that this was in the contract......As was adamant that we weren't going to any

meeting - put the cost down to a very expensive lesson....however have been contacted by the company on

several occasions - now offering to transfer the money already paid to some other GREAT OFFER - of course

costing me more!!!!!! STAY CLEAR

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