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Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

Manchester, United...
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Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

Has anyone had any problems with a company called Resorts Direct, based in Essex, UK? They rang me last week saying they were from Petchey Travel, who I've used before, but after parting with money I find that they are nothing to do with Petchey.

St. Albans, United...
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1. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

We were also misled by Resorts Direct in the same way. A few weeks later they contacted us again, with an offer to upgrade us so that we would have VIP status. This apparantly would give us so more. They were extremely persistent and wanted another £300 and we were finally worn down to reluctantly agree to this! After a couple of months, we were offered yet more 'free offers' if we went to level three. This would require £400. Having refused to pay any more money. We have constantly been bombarded with phone calls.

Manchester, United...
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2. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

Hi Sheila and readers,

yes, once they have their teeth into you they are like pitbulls. I was called several times regarding the "upgrade" but held my ground. Had another call last week and luckily I was not in a good mood when they called. After listening to her speech, I asked " Why are you wasting my time?" She said snippily " You booked the holiday, not me!". So I promptly hung up. Best thing to do Sheila.

Vik and Dorcas

Jersey, United...
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3. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

Called three times over the weekend. Offering me 2 weeks five star accommodation plus a bonus city break, cost firstly with Rory was £199 then he went to speak to someone else which was Jason and he went on and on. Adding on extra things for a price of £298. After being in touch with Trip Advisor before on another scam no way was I going to part with any money. Missed two more calls so have written them an email saying I am going to contact RCI tomorrow morning 02 April to see what they think about these scam calls. Will advise at a later date.

For those that it works for that's great I am not prepared to take a chance.

Stroud, United...
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4. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

yes i spent £400 on 2 weeks luxury accommodation with them after succumbing to the hard sell...cant get my destination, the weekend deals are at a time of their choosing.......totally ripped off

Wigan, United...
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5. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

I've been contacted three times now by Gill from this company after being scammed out of £3.5 K by Just the Ticket a company based in Wigan. They had all my details. I am very wary and will not be spending any more of my hard-earned moneywith them. Also, has anyone been contacted by a company called Lycos The Financial Recovery Agents? They had all my details too from Just the Ticket offereing to get my money back for 50% of the cost. Don't touch them the whole thing stinks.

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6. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?


I have today been contacted by this alleged company and have carried out some research. What I say is based on that research and also experience from many similar cold call 'companies' alleging that they represent RCI.

In the first instance Resorts Direct is yet another name affiliated to yet another dodgy company. The Gift Company is just one of them. Resorts Direct will have a notional postal address in Essex, but their representatives will be calling from Spain (normally Alicante) and therefore they will not be subject to UK Trading Standards law. This means that if you're not happy with anything post-sale, it's going to be very difficult to get your money back (Credit Card legislation aside).

Companies like Resorts Direct will tell you that they represent RCI. They do not. I know that RCI do not farm out any of their marketing, advertising etc. Companies like Resorts Direct will promise you a deal that is too good to miss. The average punter will buy into what they promise only to find out from their Terms & Conditions document (normally emailed to you after you've paid) that all is not what you thought.

What you would be effectively buying, no matter what is apparently sold to you, is a week in Europe at a destination of their choice and at a time of their choice. You would also have to sit through at least one day of a nauseating timeshare sales pitch delivered by somebody impossibly slimy!

Bottom line is tell them to eff off!!!!!

Stockport, United...
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7. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?


THis company appear to be reall y crooked. They ring you and pretend to represent a company that you already trust. In our case this was Beverley Hills Club where we have owned an apartment for several years. My husband was duped into parting with £600+ only to find that they have absolutely nothing to do with Beverley Hills. We have tried to contact them since only to be told that the numbers that they display on their websites are 'virtual numbers' The first number we tried informed us that our call could not be taken and we couldn't leave a message. The second call was answered by the company that provides virtual numbers. Be warned avoid these people like the plague and be careful because they are very slick and extremely good liars!!

Brighton, United...
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8. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

I have just been duped by this company into believing that they were representing the time share that I own in Tenerife and that I qualified for the holidays as over the years I had paid a large ammount in maintainence fees. As someone else has said, by the time the letter arrived stating that I have not got what was promised, it is too late and they have the money. Now I know why the lady, Lucy Carter, was so insistent that I paid by mastercard credit card, not debit. She said that if things went wrong then I could claim my money back that way!!! She knew exactly what she was doing!!

A big con.

Norwich, United...
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9. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

I have also had numerous calls from this company. Last night the salesman advised me that he was £320 short of his personal sales target and proposed to charge me that amount for 5years membership to their Elite Membership which would offer me 5star resorts at a fraction of the true value. He also offered to throw in £250 of vouchers which I could use for further reductions. Furthermore I was given 20 minutes to accept this 'one of' offer. I declined their offer but they keep on trying to contact me.

east sussex
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10. Re: Resorts Direct - Anyone having problems?

I have just had a phone call " deal of the day" however they have been phoning me all week!! The offer is 4 weeks of holidays to be taken over the next 3 years. All for the amazing price of £549, no strings attached! The caller wanted me to pay up there and then. She is phoning back later today, I will not be taking the call, very pushy. I was always led to believe if something is to good to be true there is alaways a catch...money