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Diamond Resorts International

Newcastle upon...
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Diamond Resorts International

Has anyone had an dealings with this company?

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Bury, United Kingdom
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1. Re: Diamond Resorts International

Diamond Resorts are one of the reputable companies in timeshare. DRI operate their timeshare club on a points basis and it does work for me. I have used their points system to take to to the USA, Carribean Spain and the Canaries on top of having a number of short breaks in this country. Many people think it is expensive but if you use the system correctly you can get some great holidays without a great deal of expense.

The main thing you have to realise is booking accomodation with your points is on a first come first served basis so flexibility is key. DRI have high quality resorts around the globe along with affiliated resorts you can book into and they also have members on the board of the holiday club along with members on the management committee of many resorts.

As I have said it has worked well for me but I do know of some it has not worked for and they do become disgruntled and shout quite loudly where as the vast majority are quiet in their approval of the company.

On final thing that must be bourne in mind is there are management fees to be paid that have risen quiet sharply over the last few years but the value of Sterling has fallen and this affects the fees.

Torremolinos, Spain
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2. Re: Diamond Resorts International

One quick Google and it seems the Daily Mirror Investigation Team certainly don't agree with the first answer!


Newcastle upon...
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3. Re: Diamond Resorts International

I have not paid my fees for three years with this company as they told me a pack of lies in order to buy into their points system. Whay a complete scam!

I am now being hassled non stop with daily phone messages and threats from debt collectors.

They misrepresented their points - they missold the product - and they told me a load of lies to do it.

Their contract is illegal as I was not informed of the "no exit" clause eg you are in for life even if you resign. If you die your kids willhave to pay the yearly maintenance fees of £1200.

What a complete scam from start to finish. Their salesman and management should hang their heads in shame!

Coconut Creek...
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4. Re: Diamond Resorts International

I will never go to another Diamond Resort. We went to one in Sedona, AZ, USA. I had to call for pans to cook breakfast. That took about 3 hours for them to arrive. The salesman were obnoxious. There display unit was next to us. Sedona has magnificant scenery. All we could see was a stair case going up to the pool.

The front desk people were great, but the sales people kept us tied up for 3 hous and then led us to a stairs that led to a basement and out a side door. We didn't buy and were treated like dirt.

We own Starwood and Marriott and love them both.

Newcastle upon...
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5. Re: Diamond Resorts International

My experiences with Diamond Resorts are - they are a bunch of crooks The problem is I was told a pack of lies in order to buy into their points system. You can sell the points back - you can go anywhere in the world - etc etc. More importantly, I was not informed of the 54 year mortgage type of payments that came with the points. I have resigned by registered post with DRI as advised by the Daily Mirror Blogs but they inform me I still have to contribute £1000 per year for the next 50 years to their con system. DRI are now phoning me every day and have a debt collection agancy phoning and sending demand letters.

Timeshare is a good idea but when crooks with their lawyers get on board - its time for a change!

Just write "Diamond resorts scam" or any other negative word/s into your search engine and you will see the many thousands of sites that are developing against this company.

I am a hard working man and have been so all of my life. I do not like being conned out of my hard earned cash by these people. How can these timeshare salesmen sleep at night I wonder?

Spain has the right idea - put them all in jail!

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6. Re: Diamond Resorts International

We own a diamond property and if you do not understand how timeshare works then be careful - the previous answer is a bit scary- sounds like Diamond itself. Do not get me wrong. We have a property and love it- we have 7 timeshares and love them but too often people do not understand. The previous poter cannot ignore them - they will not go away. Curious as to why you have an interest- did not realize that they have a property in this area. TIme share used well is fine but you do not get something for nothing- it is a product which forces you to travel and IMO travel well versus staying in a suspect hotel

Newcastle upon...
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7. Re: Diamond Resorts International

What a company. Told a load of lies in order to get a sale with their magic points. Management fees have increased out of proportion and there is no availability - unless you go through an independent travel agent then there is plenty of rooms.

Complete con from start to finish!

Now they are sending out debt agency letters demanding the past 3 years fees and a reminder of the next 54 years of servitude under their CONtract. I guess they must be lots of letters going out because they are millions of £ short in Europe! Do you think its because ex-members have started to realise they have been scammed!

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8. Re: Diamond Resorts International

There are loads of timeshare for sale on ebay why buy through a company at prices of £3,000 plus, when you can pick up one on ebay for about £50.

so long as you read all the details and know you have to pay a maintenance fee every year for your accomodation.

Newcastle upon...
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9. Re: Diamond Resorts International

Hi all

Some good news from the UK. eg - TCA http://www.timeshare.org.uk/news.html

" Kings Ransome Holidays (Peachy Leisure) yesterday took a large number of its Members to Court in Manchester. Kings were attempting to claim back management fees and other monies from said Members.The Judge STRUCK out every claim, and told Kings they were liable for ALL defence costs, and ALL Legal costs."

It seems the LAW does not like timeshare! It just so happens that this company had the same contract type as the company for this thread.

Guess the demand letters calls and emails will stop soon.

Newcastle upon...
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10. Re: Diamond Resorts International

There are DRI points for sale on ebay for 99p with no buyers. It seems the 50 years of contract servitude and £1200 a year fees are putting punter off. Plus it is easier to use a travel agent to use DRI accommodation and its cheaper!

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