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Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

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Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Our family has owned a timeshare with Wyndham for over two years now and have very mixed feelings about this investment we've made. I have to admit that when we first were given a presentation from Wyndham while in San Antonio I was not very interested nor cared much for a timeshare but my parents were. Or at least they were made to think so. We've had an amazingly horrid time dealing with this company but at the same time we do feel that we are starting to understand our timeshare better. I want to know what experiences other Wyndham owners have experienced and whether our situation was an isolated one or something that is constantly occuring? What has been your experience vacation wise with Wyndham?

We first bought our timeshare at the Wyndham Cascada in San Antonio and it seemed like a rather good idea at time since we do enjoy to vacation. It wasn't until we went to Wyndham in Grand Desert that the problems began to arise. Apparently our account had been flagged because of few things in our contract had been written wrong and those who sold us our timeshare in San Antonio failed to tell us what they were removing in order to lower the price enough for us to purchase. If there's one thing that Wyndham is very good is being aggressive in their sales.... which is NOT appreciated.

We ended up laying down more money in Grand Desert to have it adjusted...since they never bothered to send us a deed either. Overall, we were satisfied with our treatment in Grand Desert and thought that we had everything fixed. A few months later my parents went on a vacation to San Antonio and stayed in the Cascada. They tried doing the same thing.

I was not present so I feel that perhaps my parents over reacted when they went to a presentation but it's difficult for us to get over our apprehension in dealing with any of the staff in Wyndham. After being conned the first time around we've learned to be cautious with this company. The only way to enjoy this timeshare is to know it backwards and forwards in order to maximize your dollar.

Despite our experienve we have managed to enjoy our vacations.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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81. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Ilovespanish431 . . .

Resales do lose their status within the Wyndham system but many (myself included) do not feel that those perks are worth the outrageous price you'd pay buying direct from Wyndham.

As for "gifting" if the gift/transaction is between immediately family members, the contract/points retain their original value. That is how I acquired a small 77k point contract with Wyndham, from my sister (no money changed hands) and I have retained whatever "value" that contract may have been worth. Frankly it's zero, because the real potential of value happens at their VIP levels.

As for finding a resaler or someone without a vested interest to help guide you, I would strongly encourage you to head over to the Timeshare Users Group (www.tug2.net) and do some research, post a question or two and learn from the people with many years of experience with a variety of timeshare companies. Maybe Wyndham isn't your best option.

The thing I've found about RCI's rental program is that the weeks that have high demand will cost you far more than what you could trade into a resort for, assuming there are deposits made with RCI to allow for exchanging. The low priced (last minute escapes/vacations) will be in the off season. For some, those work out fine . . . for others (like those needing summer or holiday weeks just about anywhere) . . . not so much.

I hope this helps some.

Stacy, Minnesota
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82. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

The resorts are great. The sales staff at any resort we have been to have been rude and lie about everything. I have bee an owner for over 16 years and have almost one million points and it does not matter what your status is, we are all treated badly by the sales staff. When I found out that they lied to us on our last purchase, I called the main office and was told that that was too bad and if it sounds to good to be true, it is. At this point I no longer deal with their sales staff and when I am encountered by them I do tell them directly that they all lie and are not to be trusted.

If you want a nice place to stay, they are very nice. If you are offered big incentives to purchase, please proceed with caution. I will never purchase from them again, but will still use their properties.

Central Maine
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83. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Haven't swapped into a Wyndham resort property in a while... but the last time we did, their give-away for attending their sales pitch were tickets Colonial Williamsburg (something we thought would be worth putting up with the sales pitch). As we listed to the salesmen, we took written notes, especially of items we knew, not suspected-knew, to be factually untrue. When we declined to buy, the salesman asked if we would meet with his sales manager "so he can do a quality-control survey with you." We asked specifically if it was another sales pitch and were assured it would not be, so we said we'd do it. Sales manager hadn't been with us for five minutes when the sales pitch started. As soon as he asked us his first question, we pointed out: "Your sales person has lied to us at least twice in the past hour about facts we are certain of, and he lied when he told us you wouldn't try to sell us anything. And now you've just repeated one of his factual lies. Would you buy something from anyone who told you blatent, outrifht lies four time in one hour?" They couldn't get us our tickets and get us out of there quickly enough -- had a great time visiting the Historic District....

Atlanta, Georgia
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84. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Great post #83 and it doesn't only apply to Wyndham. In the TS world the adage "If the salesman's lips are moving, you know they're ......" ... readers of this thead know the rest of it...

Atlanta, Georgia
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85. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Great post #83 and it doesn't only apply to Wyndham. In the TS world the adage "If the salesman's lips are moving, you know they're ......" ... readers of this thead know the rest of it...

Toronto, Canada
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86. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Same old same old. Sleezy slimy timeshare sales game. They can call it an update, a preview, an evaluation or whatever, but it is a hardcore dishonest high pressure attempt to get you to part with your money. Most timeshare properties I have stayed at are nice and should sell themselves. Why does the industry feel the need to sell them in the fraudulent way they do? Did everyone in Washington get their start at Wyndham?

Washington DC...
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87. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

What are the best Wyndham properties in your experience? I got sucked like many people and have been unable to sell the timeshare thus far. We have never used it for various reasons. I have talked to them on numerous occasions since my spouse and I have high standards, trying to get a sense of which are the best available, and many of the reviews of Wyndham properties are terrible. The agents are very nice but unwilling to commit and say "the following are your best bets." We typically stick with the Marriott brand - JW or Ritz. Any suggestions on Wyndham options?

Des Moines, Iowa
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88. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

We had the same high pressure pitch on Hawaii. Who in their right mind would make a $12,000 decision without any research. When we said we wanted to think about it we were passed off to someone else that then tried to sell us a $2,800 20 try it program. Again with no time to think or investigate. With all the writing and scribbling on the sales sheet I felt like I was trying to buy a used car. Glad we got smart and walked out. Our promised 1hr presentation was a 3 hour ordeal.

Atlanta, Georgia
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89. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Wyndham Smokey Moubtaiins in gatlinburg TN area

Wyndham Flagstaff AZ

Actually, Id say any Wyndham rated as Gold Crown on RCI is probably pretty nice.

Wyndham is taking over some nice properties. El Cid in Mexico for example.


Marriott has some nice places too. A standout is JW Resort Tamarindo Costa Rica

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90. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

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