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Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

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Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

My husband and I purchased the Royal Club membership a few weeks ago. We tried to cancel within the 5 days by FedXing our cancelation papers (we have moved to another city in Mexico and couldn't appear in person). The cancellation address on the contact was incorrect and they did not receive the paperwork within the 5 days. We had legal council in the US follow up and the Occidental Legal will not budge.

We have such a bad feeling for Occidental considering the hard sell we endured and the personal embarrassment that we fell for their line. We don't even want to vacation ther anymore.

Has anyone tried renting their units? Has anyone sold after the 1 year commitment? Is the membership truly a "good deal"? Maybe we need to put our embarrassment behind us, keep the membership and use it.

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1. Re: Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

It seems you have had a change of heart but are forced to go through with the transaction. If this is the case make the best of what is in your view a bad deal and go for the holidays.

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2. Re: Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

What is the deal that you purchased? Weeks or points. Did you get Interval or RCI with your purchase? I've purchased points from Diamond Resorts 3 years ago. My timeshare experience has been pretty accurate and good. I've seen that people purchase the great idea of what those pushy sales people sell without enough information about the market to compare.

If you purchased points like I have then you may be in a good position to vacation everywhere if your able to be flexible. If you own weeks you should be able to rent or bank those weeks if you don't want to go to that resort. If you bank those weeks then you should be able to exchange then (for a small fee) through Interval or RCI.

Before you sell, you should really understand what you purchased. You may end up loving it like I do.

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3. Re: Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

We also got sucked in and bought an alternating year Royal Club membership, and had the same buyers' remorse.

However, we had a good experience with a June trip to Cape Cod by banking our week with RCI, and we're heading back to Mexico using our free week certificate in August--I can let you know how it goes, if you'd like.

Several TA members gave me reassuring posts this winter when I was putting everything together, and so far the Occidental people have been good to work with. The general consensus is that you probably won't save money with the membership, but if you take advantage of it and make the most of it, it won't be tragic, either.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for each other!


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4. Re: Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

I just purchased the Occidental Vacation Club at Allegro Playacar. I am very nervous about this and don't know if I will regret it! Does anyone know exactly how this works? I have a week and then bonus time, where you can only book 60 days in advance. Are you able to rent out vacations to other people through RCI and make any profit at all? That is what the sales person told me, that I would be able to make some money from it. Also they told me the thing about getting cheaper airfare deals. Please let me know. Thank you.

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5. Re: Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

Hi, we purchased a one bed apartment/week(First Club basis) at the Allegro Cozumel in 2008. We went to the Occidental Grand Punta Cana last summer and stayed in the Royal Club, we were upgraded to a 2 bed suite! Very good accommodation and service. We went to Lanzarote last October for a week on bonus time, hotel not the same standard as in Caribbean. European hotels are also more expensive, but we have to weigh up flight costs and time, etc. They did try to get us to buy into the Grand Level membership, but as we currently do not have to pay upgrade fees for Royal Club it was not worth it, and we are not likely to stay in Royal Club all the time. We are booked in to Occidental Grand Xcaret for 2 weeks in August. Not in Royal Club but used our week and bonus time to get 2 rooms. So far no complaints. Not tried swapping our week for another resort on time-share. Stick with your membership and make sure you use it!

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6. Re: Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

I just came back from Occidential Grande Xcaret this was my second stay there and this time they were pushing the time share hard. I have to admit I went to the presentation having no interest because I just wanted the discount tickets to Xcaret. The last time I was there they gave complimentary tickets. I was appauled at the strategies they tried to use on people, buy trying to apply emotions and guilt into buying and even peer pressure. It was the same technique car salesman use. Boxes and prices and always avoiding bottom line price and pressuring it was only a one time offer that day. When ever any sales person tells you that you have to run away. I told them I would need to consult an attorney or research the company and they got us out asap. They tried to tell me I was trowing my money away by just booking vacations myself, then tried to guilt me that Mexican make 75 cents an hr. I was horrifed as champagne was popping and they said oh there is another owner. None of them could tell me what would happen if Occidential did not use the maintence fee for actual maintence and now I see from the posts especially in Aruba that is the case. I was not even interested but I was afriad for the families I saw there that likely saved fro this vacation and got sucked into buying and now saddled with debt based on the emotion and this luxury sweet they showed them in the Royal Club. I promised when I came back I would post to warn people to be prudent with their money. It is sad because I had good memories of this place, but as a ploy to get my cheap Xcaret tickets, I uncovered what I did not want to see. Please do not do anything like this before reading reviews and consulting an attorney, there is a reason they do not show you the contract upfront. When I asked for it I got nothing but sales crap

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7. Re: Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

My husband just purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership, we are staying at the Occidental Grand Cozumel, they showed us a beautiful 2 bedroom unit with a living and dining area- we have since found out that there are no units like that here. Only the one they show. Also on our paperwork it shows we purchased a two bedroom unit in Prime D2 season at Occidental Allegro Nuevo Vallarta. They keep saying that all contracts have that resort name. I think that is a lie.

Please respond if you have purchased a Vacation Club package in Cozumel that actually has Occidental Allegro Cozumel listed for your unit. I am very worried they pulled a big switch on us.

I see from other posts that trying to cancel is not worth trying.

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8. Re: Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

Did your contract have the resort name where you purchased or did it list Occidental Allegro Nuevo Vallarta?

Was the address you Fed Ex your cancellation to in Playa del Carmen?

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9. Re: Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

Are you still there? I'm Zach in room 1825. Let's talk as I just went throught the sales pitch...

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10. Re: Just Purchased the Occidental Vacation Club Membership

I posted this on another thread, but thought it might help anyone here who hasn't seen it.

We bought an alternating year Royal Club membership at Xcaret in 2008. Part of our package was a "free" week at Royal Hideaway.

The certificate was dated June 2008 and said it was good for "24 months" from the date of purchase.

I called in 2009 and asked if they could extend it to August 2010 and was told that was fine.

I called and tried to book in 2010--and was told I couldn't use the certificate since it was only good in odd years because of our membership. The person said it would still be good in 2011 since our off years didn't count against the certificate. I just didn't feel right, so I emailed and tried to get that in writing...but no one would guarantee me by email I could use the week in 2011. In fact, the whole roundabout tone of the emails made me really worry.

I called back and got another agent who told me she had seen other people unable to use their certificates for just this reason. But, then she promptly booked my trip for me in 2010, just like I wanted, and everything went off without a hitch from there. No hassles, no surprises, awesome trip.

SO.....if you have a free week certificate, make sure you get written confirmation about when/where you can use it, and it may not hurt to keep calling until you get a friendly agent if you don't get the answers you want the first time.