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Questions about Holiday Systems International

Burlington, Vermont
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Questions about Holiday Systems International

My grandpa bought with HSI and asked me to look into it-- but the website is terrible and I can't get any good info so far. So, is this a scam? Seems pretty terrible so far--- please let me know if this is a real company, and where to get unbiased information. So far all I see are complaints on public consumer sites. There seem to be many fake press releases toting the company online--


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West Orange, New...
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31. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

If you want to sell your timeshare I will recommend a licensed broker from real estate agency. You can find them even in your area and deal with a person face to face. Search the net. Good luck.

San Jose, California
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32. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

I'll start by stating I have tried to resolve this via email and phone. We have talked about visiting Vancouver for years but between work and a new baby we have continually put it off. We decided with the baby at 9 months we should finally use HSI and set something up, sounds easy enough. However, through the process my wife was told that Vancouver island is more popular and only 10 minutes away via ferry. While I can't speak on the popularity its not what we wanted, or asked for and my wife was convinced by the rep that it would be a better choice. She was under the impression that she had two days to decide and called me. I googled and found that while beautiful it isn't what we are looking for and a long drive/cab then ferry isn't my idea of relaxing with a one year old. She called back and was told that she had already committed to the vacation and she couldn't change it or move it and that we had two days to pay otherwise our contract would be cancelled. She told me this and I went through the roof. She's called in three times and we emailed them as well asking for a better resolution instead of just being stuck. The phone response was we are basically screwed, and no response from the email. The end result is this. We are scheduled for a vacation that we don't want, my wife is crying because she feels like we were duped and "just wants to get it over with" which is not the proper mindset for a vacation. We have a bunch of "weeks" with them from a paid off time share and my desire to use them is less than zero. I know customer service has declined in general over the years but it is sad to see that companies have to stoop to trickery to get business, followed by threats and strong-arm tactics. This will be the first and last vacation we take with HSI and we will not be renewing with them, and I am posting this review in every possible forum until I hear a response to my concerns.

Spencerport, New...
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33. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

I exchanged a week from my prime vacation club to HSI, since they can book outside of my home resort. I book a resort in Jamaica. They take my week exchange, $500 in Fees and I believed I received a week of relaxation and fun. Now, I find out that the all-inclusive portion of the trip was not included. So, now, I have to pay $1500 or so when I get to the resort. So, instead of a trip for $1500 (Resort and Airfare), it will be $3000 and I haven't even left yet. When I called them, Shar-ron was all, we told you this, we explained that. Well, obviously. I didn't understand or I would not of done this. She them told me that I DID UNDERSTAND. Glad she knew what I was thinking. I have cancelled my membership with HSI. I will never ever do business with them again. I will just find a regular agency or cheapcaribean.com. They suck!

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34. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

Thanks for the info. I received a free year when I bought a timeshare. Should I cancel it? Jeanie


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35. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

We purchased HSI several years ago, and we have nothing but good results! We booked a resort in Kuai for 4, on the beach for $400! One at the Grand Myan in Nuevo for 7 nights, an amazing resort for $485! One across the street from Disney World, 1300 sq feet,, 2 bedroom, slept 6 for $600 for 7 nights! It has always been easy! We have more than made back our fee, in what we saved! And NO I do not work for them, or have ever been in their office!

Lamoille, Nevada
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36. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

Do not purchase anything associated with Holiday Systems International. Is his a terrible scam. I was conned into purchasing a very expensive timeshare at Coco Sunset Vacation Club, now called Bahia Turquesa Residences, in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. The sales agents made many promises, none of which has materialized.

Coco Sunset, Omnicorps, Platinium Resort Services, and Holiday Systems International are all fronts for their scams. I am writing a news story on this, and would appreciate any comments from people who have been defrauded by these companies. I am also pursuing legal action. Please write to me at skicrazy1@live.com.

Lamoille, Nevada
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37. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International


Atlanta, Georgia
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38. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

#35 bogus !! One posting on TA and it is complimentary in the midst of the negatives. C'mon

Spokane, Washington
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39. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

We are staying at Kahana Beach Resort in Maui for 8 nights: $400. Pretty good deal I'd say. Reviews look great. Our friends stayed there last year through HSI and were thoroughly impressed. I'm sure there are some restrictions with the membership, but Hawaii in June is working out wonderfully for us.

Glendale, Arizona
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40. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

We bought into the HSI in Mexico. Basically, they lied to us and nothing they told us was true. We have tried and tried to make this work for us but as yet have booked anything. We hope to get our money back when we do a trip on the burn weeks. Basically, you cannot find anything to help you unless you go the weeks that are available. We have consistently found better deals on just internet and when we call have not had customer satisfaction. DO NOT BUY THIS, EVER.

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