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Questions about Holiday Systems International

Burlington, Vermont
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Questions about Holiday Systems International

My grandpa bought with HSI and asked me to look into it-- but the website is terrible and I can't get any good info so far. So, is this a scam? Seems pretty terrible so far--- please let me know if this is a real company, and where to get unbiased information. So far all I see are complaints on public consumer sites. There seem to be many fake press releases toting the company online--


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Edmonton, Canada
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1. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

My parents bought too and I'm on the same quest as you - have you found out anything more? Have you been able to use the service for a vacation?

Burlington, Vermont
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2. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

I haven't heard anything yet-- but I am going to Las Vegas to visit next month and I will see if he has used it yet-- I will post what I find!

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3. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

HI just wondering what you found out about HSI do you know anyone who has used it for a trip?

thank you

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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4. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

I have the Holiday Systems and made a big mistake!!! I called today to inquire about giving up my week in exchange for them to pay my maint. fees. I called three times first on hold for 30 mins, hung up called back put on hold for 8 mins. hung up and call again to be put on hold. I have tried many times this year to get through always put on hold or I will give you a call back. Never a call back. Do not make the mistake I did and puchase!!!

My next letter will be to the BBB.

Toronto, Canada
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5. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

I've booked 2 trips with HSI. The only advantage I can see is access to condo's which are upgraded. I highly doubt we'll ever see the full value of the $3500 we spent upfront to become a member.

Pls note: I do not own a timeshare just an HSI membership so I've never dealt with the timeshare part of this.

I booked a 2BR condo in Vegas at Summer Bay Resort for 1 week. It worked out to be pretty cheap with 5 people. The rooms at that resort can be booked by anyone online and are cheap anyway but with HSI we did have an upgraded room (which I don't think is available to general public). Flat screen tv, granite counter tops, nicer decor & furniture and good room location. So for Vegas I would say it was good.

I've also booked an Alaska Cruise which I haven't taken yet. We saved about $150 over what we could find online. Not a huge savings considering the upfront cost of the membership. We are yet to get our room assigned (guaranteed ocean view). So will see how that one works out.

Otherwise I've asked for a few quotes but the reps do not seem very knowledgeable. For example, I asked for options in the South of Spain and a week later got a quote with only 1 option for the Canary Islands. Called to get the quote changed and that was 4-5 days ago with still no update.


- have to call multiple times to get a proper quote

- they generally only provide 1 option when presenting a quote

- hotel vs. cruise vs. flights vs. resort are all handled by different HSI reps so nearly impossible or would take a really long time to get a quote with multiple options

- often put on hold/takes a long time to get a quote

- upfront and annual membership costs

- breakaway and burn weeks generally Sat to Sat with little flexibility on dates


- upgraded condos for resort weeks (I was quite happy with Vegas)

- burn weeks seem like a good deal if you can travel last minute

- small savings on Cruises (approx $100- $200 from what I've seen)

This has been my experience. Would be great to hear yours!

Chicago, Illinois
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6. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

Holiday Systems International is not a scam! I have been a member for years and continue to be impressed with the service, and more importantly the savings! You need to not judge the availability by the website, if you call they have many, many more locations available. I have been able to travel several times with no issues.

Ashland, Virginia
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7. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

I have a Holiday Systems International membership and truly could not be happier. With the economy as it is taking a vacation this year is impossible. I submitted my timeshare weeks to HSI and after a few weeks I received a check. That money will definitely come in handy. HSI has been one of the best investments I have made.

Toronto, Canada
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8. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

For anyone who's had good experiences can you provide some detail on where you've travelled/vacationed?

This year I'm very interested in options outside of US & Canada and even after calling haven't had much success. Both Iceland and Spain didn't work out with HSI - they had little to no options. Just wondering about other areas such as the rest of Europe, UK, Asia, and Australia.

In my experience so far HSI is pretty limited to North America and Mexico.


Burlington, Vermont
posts: 52
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9. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

Quite honestly, Islander, I suspect those two posts above you are written by the company. Both are first time posters with no other contributions--- I tried to report them as self-promotion but I guess it didn't work. This seems typical fo HSI from what I have researched on the web--- lots of generic approval without any details or further information. Also lots of fake "press releases" touting the company. Consumer feedback sites on the internet seem to be seething.

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10. Re: Questions about Holiday Systems International

We're new members of HSI, it's included with a timeshare we own so we do not pay for it directly. We are planning on using it in the next few weeks. I will let you know how it works out or how it didn't work out. According to the materials, if you put your week into the system for a trade, you can retract it at anytime up until a trade comes up for the location you are looking for. We've used RCI and Interval International in the past although mostly RCI.

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