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Holiday Property Bond

Sheffield, United...
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Holiday Property Bond

Anybody got any experience of Holiday Property Bond ? It's advertised by Sue Barker and other well known people so I don't have any worries about it being OK financially but I'd like to hear any first hand opinions and experiences. How much is good to invest are the properties really 'posh' etc. ?


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Chester, United...
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111. Re: Holiday Property Bond

We pay for consistency and quality.Many apartments are cheaper and you may have been lucky but at my age I want quality and consistency which is what I have with HPB.

You don`t have much choice do you!

Bridgnorth, United...
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112. Re: Holiday Property Bond

I have no experience of HPB but have many years experience of timeshare. This is your likeliest alternative so I wish to point out that some of the timeshare limitations claimed do not apply to every timeshare. We have been members of Seasons Holidays since 1997. In contrast to some of the claims:

1. We are not restricted to a particlar time - depending on availability, we can go at any time of year.

2. We are not restricted to one resort. There is a choice of 13 Seasons sites in the UK and Continent. There are also scores of associate resorts worldwide at no extra fee. However there possibly isn't the diversity that HPB offers. Although top class, Seasons sites tend to be a resort, some of them large (castle, etc.), whereas HPB seems to range from resorts down to more individual places.

3. We pay no maintenence charge. There are no annual fees unless we make an II exchange. It was the various annual charges that put us off HPB. Why pay thousands up front and still pay hundreds every year?

4. From your replies, it sounds like the min £5K will not buy much HPB holiday, especially in peak time. Somebody said you would need to spend £11--15K to get this. Seasons cost us £13K for a sleep 4 house/apartment, which gives us between 1 week and 3 weeks p.a. depending on season.

5. Seasons have a get out after 16 years, when we can get our money back. If we do that, we will have had something like 32 weeks of holidays for free.

So timeshare does not have to be as restricted and expensive as most people think. Depending on what you are looking for, it could offer a better deal than HPB.

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Chester, United...
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113. Re: Holiday Property Bond

Firstly HPB is NOT timeshare, I am the owner of an Insurance Bond not a timeshare stake.Secondly I know nothing about Seasons other than your comments and information available on the Web.Nothing that I`ve seen or read leads me to believe that Seasons is even remotely comparable to HPB and it`s property portfolio.We have a far greater choice .

Anyway each to his own.All I can say is that I`ve been a bondholder for 18 years and had many delightful holidays in property of a guaranteed standard.It suits my wife and I down to the ground and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Worcester, United...
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114. Re: Holiday Property Bond

I invested just above the minimum amount 26 years ago on the basis that this would buy 2 weeks decent holiday during school holidays per year. The investment can be handed down through the generations and the only time you pay for a holiday property is when you use it; no ongoing costs. It has been the most brilliant investment in wonderful holidays but I would not have invested if I had wanted a good return on my money. Look at why you are investing. As a now extended family , we have all had years of high quality holidays in some lovely places. No regrets at all. For me it was money well spent.

Scarborough, United...
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115. Re: Holiday Property Bond

My wife and I have been bondholdersfor about 25 years.

Our opinion is that it is a good investment, as we can be confident that whatever location we choose to use, we KNOW that the standard of accommodation and ameneties is first class.

They certainly are not cheap, we have often found that a package holiday is cheaper than the air fare alone, on top of which we still have to pay the user charge. But, we didn't join to save money, rather we wanted the assurance of having a decent holiday. So no complaints from us.

We don't use the bond as often as we could, and frequently either give points to friends, or simply let them go, as they can only accumulate for 3 years, but that is our choice.

There are many lovely sites in the UK if you don't feel like going abroad, and these work out cheaper, though can still be expensive, but still worth while.

Chester, United...
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116. Re: Holiday Property Bond

Previous posts cover pretty much all you need to know.My own experience has been excellent. We have been Bondholders for many years and have enjoyed an ever expanding portfolio of properties which all all well managed and kept up to date.

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117. Re: Holiday Property Bond


Our personal experience of HPB.

We originally invested in the late 1980s / early 90s, withdrew our cash when things got tight (for us) about 15 years later, and are now looking at reinvesting as we are both approaching retirement next year.

The properties are usually superb and finished to a very high standard. The quality of fixtures and fittings is first class. The only exception to this was Barnham Broom (Norfolk) which had paper thin walls, so you could clearly hear people speaking at normal volume through the walls.

We went to Tigh Mor (Trossachs, Scotland) twice and it was brilliant - next to Loch Katrine and plenty of wonderful walks.

We visited St Brides castle (Wales) - equally impressive and good sea fishing off the craggy coast (if that is what you fancy).

Lanzarote was a really nice location, in a small community of lovely cottages. Close to a good beach and close to amenities.

Constant (France) was stunning - but was still being completed when we went out there, so am sure it will be even better now.

St Simeon - near Paris we visited in Winter one year and it was warm and welcoming.

In short - it locks away a chunk of your cash - but if things get difficult for you you can cash out (you lose a bit of your original investment if you do - although I see they are now offering a better deal if you cash out within 3 years). You also have to pay a maintenance fee every time you visit, and this is not cheap, but you do get stunning quality accommodation for your money. It would be wise to have a car when you visit any HPB property as I recall, as they are sometimes a bit 'off the beaten track' (which is why they are so wonderful and quiet in many cases).

During the last 5 years we have done quite a bit of travelling - to international conferences in Rome, Genoa, Cyprus, Portugal and France, and we have always had 4 or 5 star hotel accommodation waiting for us - the accommodation in HPB is every bit as good, and sometimes much better, which is why we are looking to reinvest later this year, as we do miss the quality you get with HPB.

St.Annes, Lancs
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118. Re: Holiday Property Bond

We are currently staying in an HPB property in Duloe (Cornwall). We are not the bond holders but have spent a week each year for the last 3 years on holiday with our elderly aunt and uncle who are both bond holders. The past two years were spent in Anglesey. In general the properties are very nice and the grounds lovely. However, the main problem I see is that the settings are all very remote. You have to use a car every time you want to go anywhere. As our family holidays normally entail strolling from the apartment to the beach/restaurant and enjoying the local environs at a leisurely pace, this is quite a drawback for us.

As for the quality of each cottage, they are good but as someone else commented much more 4 star (possibly 3 if I was being harsh).

The staff have all been extremely helpful and my aunt and uncle rave about the HPB. I can't work out what I'm not quite seeing in it!

Chester, United...
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119. Re: Holiday Property Bond

How ungrateful you are.Taking advantage of a generous relative`s bond holding and then criticising it.Why don`t you just stick to the sort of holiday you normally take.If you don`t do remote but like to roll out of bed and down to the sea then HPB can do that also.Try La Gomera ,Biniorella and several others as well as tenancies.As you might guess I`ve been a bondholder for 19 years and have come across people like you , taking advantage of other people`s investment not dreaming of putting in a penny piece and then being critical most ill mannered.PS I bet you haven`t shown this to your Aunt and Uncle.

St.Annes, Lancs
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120. Re: Holiday Property Bond

I feel awful to have come across ungratefully. I have enjoyed the holidays because of the company and have certainly paid our way. I just wanted to add to the discussion about HPB in general. I think those people who are fans really LOVE it, but it doesn't suit everyone!

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