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Best of Greenville Guide

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All things to do » Things to do

Nearby recommended attractions:

Rockhouse Trail System, Hatfield and McCoy Trails
Rockhouse Trail System, Hatfield and McCoy Trails(Man)
Attraction type: Off road/All Terrain Vehicle Trails
See nearby places to eat
Hatfield-McCoy Trail
Hatfield-McCoy Trail(Lyburn)
Attraction type: Biking Trails; Equestrian Trails; Hiking Trails; Motorcycle Trails; Trails
No photo provided
Chief Logan State Park(Logan)
See nearby places to eat
No photo provided
Matewan Depot Replica and Museum(Matewan)
See nearby places to eat

All places to eat » Places to eat

Nearby recommended restaurants:

No photo provided
Colonial Motel and Restaurant
Ranked #1 of 5 Restaurants in Man
No photo provided
Wingo's Grill
Ranked #1 of 2 Restaurants in Matewan
Morrison's Drive-Inn
Morrison's Drive-Inn
Ranked #1 of 26 Restaurants in Logan
Cuisines: American
No photo provided
Hot Cup
Ranked #2 of 26 Restaurants in Logan
No photo provided
Giovanni's Pizza
Ranked #3 of 26 Restaurants in Logan

All accommodations » Where to stay - Midrange

Creekside Resort and Spa
Creekside Resort and Spa
$149 - $249
Ranked #1 of 1 Hotels in Greenville

Additional nearby recommended accommodations:

Candlewood Suites Logan
2.0 of 5
Candlewood Suites Logan
$87 - $99
Ranked #2 of 5 Hotels in Logan
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