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New York City and Las Vegas Top the List of Winter Getaways Researched Online
October 29, 2003
TripAdvisor Study Shows Online Travelers Focusing on U.S. Travel Destinations
TripAdvisor Adds QuickCheck to Award Winning Hotel Research Tools
September 29, 2003

Unique Service Saves Consumers Time Researching Hotels on the Web

Kennedy Space Center Tops the List of Favorite U.S. Family Summer Attractions Researched on the Web
June 24, 2003

TripAdvisor STudy Reveals National Parks and Aquariums Dominate the List of Favroite "Things to Do" on Family Vacations This Summer

Avoid Getting a Great Deal at a Bad Hotel
June 04, 2003

Tripadvisor Offers Only Travel Site for Finding Deals at the Most Popular Hotels on the Web

Tripadvisor Is Fastest Growing Travel Website Worldwide
May 13, 2003

Leading Travel Research Site Demonstrates Record Industry Growth and Breaks into the Top 10 of Most Popular Worldwide Travel Websites

Rising Number of Travelers Planning Vacations Closer to Home Drives Need for Better Local Online Travel Research
April 28, 2003

TripAdvisor Launches Only Weekend Getaway Guide with Personalized, Zip Code Based Email Updates with Articles, Reviews and Opinions on Local Weekend Getaways

TripAdvisor Wins Top Awards from PC Magazine and Forbes Best of the Web
April 23, 2003

TripAdvisor Emerges as The Online Destination for Travel Research

Europe Tops the List of Destinations Researched Online for Spring/Summer Vacations
March 10, 2003

TripAdvisor Study Reveals "Springtime in Paris" and other European Hotspots as the Favorite Choice of Consumers Planning Spring/Summer Travel Online

TripAdvisor Named Top 15 Travel Site Worldwide
March 03, 2003

Best Consumer Travel Research Site Demonstrates Record 300% Growth and Continued Profitability

"Best Hotels on the Web 2002" Identified by TripAdvisor
January 08, 2003

Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas Wins Best Hotel on the Web for United States