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Press Releases

TripAdvisor Launches in China
April 21, 2009
TripAdvisor Named Innovator of the Year by U.S. Travel Association
April 20, 2009
Photos: TripAdvisor Travelers Say It's Not Easy Being Green
April 16, 2009
Photos: TripAdvisor Asks 'How Far Would You Go?' Million Mile Sweepstakes Allows Lucky Winner and Guest to Admire Asia, Explore Europe and Hang Ten in Hawaii
April 10, 2009
Photos: TripAdvisor Unearths Top 10 Green Eco-mmodations
April 06, 2009
Photos: More Travelers Toting Tykes on Trips in 2009
April 01, 2009
Photos: Travelers Handed Keys to Savings With Vacation Rentals
March 24, 2009
TripAdvisor Opens New Owners' Center
March 18, 2009
Photos: U.S. Flyers Fee'd Up With Checked Bags Charges, but Will Soar for Savings
March 17, 2009
Photos: Introducing TripAdvisor's 'Top Values' Index
March 03, 2009
Photos: TripAdvisor Takes Off With New Way to Find Flights
February 27, 2009
TripAdvisor Serves up Restaurant Reviews and Cooks up New Products to Help Consumers get More for Their Dough in '09
February 10, 2009
Photos: Romance Triumphs Over Recession, More Travelers Planning Love Getaways in 2009
February 06, 2009
Photos: TripAdvisor Clears the Air on America's Dirtiest Hotels
January 27, 2009
Photos: TripAdvisor Honors Hundreds of Hotels Worldwide With 2009 Travelers' Choice Awards
January 27, 2009
Travelers Serious About Air Safety
January 21, 2009
TripAdvisor Media Network Enters Multi-Year Agreement with Airline Technology Partner ITA Software
January 13, 2009
An Ice Day For Cheap Skates: TripAdvisor's Top 10 Bargain Outdoor Skating Rinks
December 30, 2008
Photo: TripAdvisor Announces America's Top 10 Quirkiest New Year's Eve Events
December 10, 2008
Over the Highways and Through the Airports: More Americans Traveling This Holiday Season
December 02, 2008
42 Percent Traveling for the Holidays, Up from 39 Percent Last Year
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