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Press Releases

Photos: TripAdvisor Toasts North America's Top 10 Wine Destinations
September 22, 2009
48% of Travelers Surveyed Plan to Visit a U.S. Vineyard This Year
Photos: TripAdvisor Points Out Top 10 Places Worldwide to Beware Pickpockets
September 10, 2009
European Cities Run Off with Majority of Top 10 and Spain Snags Two Spots
Photos: Americans Eager for Autumn Travel and Fall-ing Airfares
September 01, 2009
84% Taking Leisure Trips This Fall and 69% Likely to Fly on a Whim for a Great Deal
Photos: TripAdvisor Suspends Disbelief with World's Most Jaw-Dropping and Scariest Bridges
August 19, 2009
Photos: TripAdvisor Helps Travelers Get the Biggest Bang Out of their Travel Buck
August 06, 2009
TripAdvisor's Top Ways to Stretch Your Travel Dollar
Photos: U.S. Travelers Prefer Some Luxe With Their Landscape
July 31, 2009
TripAdvisor Survey Reveals 65% of Those Who Have Never Been "Glamping" Would Rather Glamp than Camp
Photos: As Temperatures Heat Up, TripAdvisor Bares All Revealing Top 5 Naked Events and Top 5 Nude Beaches
July 23, 2009
July 20, 2009
Photos: Travelers Eye Summer Savings at Vacation Rental Homes
July 16, 2009
TripAdvisor Survey Shows 43% Believe There are Good Vacation Rental Deals this Summer; 24% Staying at a Vacation Rental this Season
Photos: U.S. Travelers Peeved by Poor Pool Practices and Bad Beach Behavior
July 08, 2009
TripAdvisor Survey Reveals 82% of Travelers Think People Often Violate Some Form of Beach or Pool Etiquette
Photos: Portland, Oregon Named Top Underrated and Cleanest U.S. City, but Travelers Throw Detroit Under the SUV
June 25, 2009
Photos: TripAdvisor Tallies America's Top 10 Tours
June 18, 2009
Photos: TripAdvisor Announces Top Free Attractions Unheralded in the U.S. and Coughs Up World's 'Germiest' Attractions
June 11, 2009
Photos: Travelers Parking it in National Parks in 2009
June 04, 2009
TripAdvisor Honored with Cause Marketing Forum's Halo Award
May 29, 2009
Photos: TripAdvisor is Taking Care of Business With First-Of-Its-Kind Business Hotel Popularity Index and Innovative Business Travel Center
May 28, 2009
Photo: Travelers Willing to Brave Hurricane Hotspots to Save Bucks
May 26, 2009
Photos: U.S. Travelers Sunny on Summer Travel Prospects
May 20, 2009
Photos: FlipKey Rolls Out The Welcome Mat for Homeowners to List Vacation Rental Properties
May 14, 2009
Photos: Traveler Interest Shifts From Mexico to the Caribbean in Light of Swine Flu
May 01, 2009
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