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XTERRA Utah - Unita-Wasatch-Cache National Forest / Snowbasin

Full: 1500m swim/28K mountain bike/9.8K trail run Sport: 750m swim/19K mountain bike/5K trail run *subject to chang
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 8.2 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview:  Long Course starts - Saturday, September 22, 2012 - 9:20AM
Short Course - 9:40 a.m
Full: 1500m swim/28K mountain bike/9.8K trail run
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Tips:  Swim / Bike / Ride at your own risk. The trail is somewhat exposed until you get onto the middle fork canyon trail. Nice variety.... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Port Ramp Marina

Swim. Swim to bike transition.

2. Wheeler Canyon

Wheeler Creek Trailhead

3. Parking Lot

Bathrooms. Turn right at road.

4. Road Block

Snow Basin Rd closed until June.

5. East Fork TH

East Fork Trail Head. Turn Left onto.

6. East/Middle fork - Snowbasin

EastFork - Middle fork - Snowbasin intersection. Take Middle Fork right.

7. Left towords Maples

Left onto Wheeler Cr Trail twords Maples Trailhead.

8. Right to Sardine

Right to Sardine Peak trail. Short course stay staight on Wheeler Cr Trail.

9. Ogden Canyon Overlook

Turn left onto Ogden Canyon Overlook.

10. Ogden Overlook

Straight. Trailhead. Ogden Canyon overlook.

11. Maples Trailhead

Right on Maples trail.

12. Maples Trail

Stay on Maples Trail.

Head tword Snowbasin parking lot.

Snowbasin Parking lot. Bike to run transition.

15. Needles Trailhead

Get onto Needles Trailhead

16. Left on Needles Trail

Left on Needles Trail

17. Trailhead

Green Pond. Needles Trail merge

18. Trail Marker

19. Cross Road

Follow trail across road

20. Trail marker

21. Needles to Last chance

Needles, Last chance just ahead.

22. Last Chance

Get onto Last Chance trail.

23. Trail marker

Straight across road on Green Pond Trail

24. Green Pond

View of Green Pond

25. Green Pond

Stay on Green Pond Trail. Trail to right leads to snow basin trail which crosses snow basin road.

26. Green Pond

Continue to follow Green pond loop.

27. Green Pond

Head down fire road

28. Green Pond

Continue on Green Pond trail.