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Second Manassas Battlefield Trail

Second Battle of Bull Run
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  The Second Battle of Bull Run or Second Manassas was fought August 28–30, 1862, as part of the American Civil War. It was the... more »

Tips:  Trees are not clearly marked. Make sure to bring a trail map with you. Trail maps are located at the Henry Hill Visitor Center. Bring ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Henry Hill Visitor Center

The Henry Hill Visitor Center is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

2. Henry Hill

The main battle for Manassas centered around Henry Hill.

3. Chinn Ridge

This is the starting point for the park road at Chinn Ridge.

4. Chinn Ridge

Deers may be seen along the trail.

5. Chinn Ridge

Turtles may be seen crossing the park road. This turtle was assisted crossing the road.

6. Hooe Family Cemetery

Trail path to the Hooe family cemetery.

7. Hooe Family Cemetery

The Hooe Family Cemetery contains the tomb stone of Captain Bernard Hooe, Senior. Captain Bernard Hooe was a Captain of Militia in Prince William Co., VA, Oct 17, 1776. On April 7, 1780, Bernard Hooe was deeded part of the "Buckhall" land by his parents, John and Anne. He died on April 8, 1810, as a result of a duel. He was prominent in local... More

8. Hazel Plain

This is the Benjamin Chinn house site. After Sarah Fairfax's death in 1829 at age 56, Sarah's son, 22 year old Benjamin Tasker Chinn (1807-1886) inherited the 730 acres of the Bull Run property in 1830. Moving to Prince William County with his seven slaves, he cleared land, built a manor house, which later, after he married, was known as Ben... More

9. Hazel Plain

Across from Hazel Plain, General James Longstreet's massive counterattack during the 2nd battle took place here. A trail leads to a boulder for Union Colonel Fletcher Webster, the son of the famous orator Daniel Webster, who was killed leading a failed attempt at repulsing the Confederate Counterattack.

10. Chinn Ridge Loop Trail

Trail leading to the New York monuments.

11. Chinn Ridge Loop Trail

This is the entrance into the forest trail path.

12. Chinn Ridge Loop Trail

The trail path in this forest section is a flat gravel path that is well maintained.

13. Chinn Ridge Loop Trail

Trail sign pointing the direction to the Chinn house. There are 3 trail paths. Follow the middle path where the sign is posted.

14. Chinn Ridge Loop Trail

This is the start of the middle path where the Chinn Ridge Loop trail sign is posted.

15. Chinn Ridge Loop Trail

The trail path may collide with other trail paths that are used for horses. You may need to watch where you step.

16. Chinn Ridge Loop Trail

The trail path crosses over Young's Branch over a bridge.

17. Chinn Ridge Loop Trail

View of Young's Branch from the bridge.

18. New York Monuments

Two monuments dedicated to the 5th and 10th NY Reg'ts. These mark where the 5th New York Zouaves lost 123 men in 5 minutes in the advance of Hood's men; off of Lee Highway, near Young's Branch on 5th New York Avenue and cross from the Confederate cemetery at Groveton.

19. Trail Path to Groveton

Trail path leading to Lucinda Dogan's home.

20. The 14th Regiment New York State Militia Monument Site

Monument dedicated to the 14th Regiment New York State Militia (also called the 14th Brooklyn).

21. Lucinda Dogan's Home

The only remaining structure of the crossroads community of Groveton.

22. Deep Cut

Here is where Pope launched the bulk of his attacks against the Grade. Off of Featherbed Lane, before you reach the Railroad Grade.

23. Deep Cut

This is a view of the battlefield at Deep Cut. The field during the Second Manassas Battlefield was filled with Union troops marching up the hill to fight.

24. Deep Cut

Sign indicating the direction towards Deep Cut loop trail.

25. Deep Cut

Sign reads, "The Wisconsin Company 1st Regiment of Berdan's U.S. Sharpshooters used many cartridges on this spot, August 30, 1862. Losing 1 man killed and wounded. Position marked be Geo. E. Albee, a private of the comapany".

26. Patriots Memorial Monument

Here is shown one of the Monuments erected in memory of the Union dead who fell at the battles of Bull Run and Groveton.

27. Trail to Brawner's Farm

Sign indicating the direction to Brawner Farm and Second Manassas.

28. The Rock Fight Site

Yankees were pinned down on the far side of the embankment, only ten yards away. After twenty minutes of continuous shooting, Confederates here were running out of ammunition. Frantically, they searched their dead and wounded comrades for cartridges. Others pried stones from the railroad grade and hurled them down on the enemy. Already... More

29. Trail to the Unfinished Railroad Grade

Stairs and boardwalk along the trail path.

30. Trail to the Unfinished Railroad Grade

Improvements to the trail may be seen on this trail path. A board walk is located on this section. The board walk is helpful when the trail is muddy.

31. Deep Cut Loop Trail

Sign post indicating the Deep Cut Loop trail.

32. Second Manassas Trail

Sign indicating the direction to Brawner Farm and Second Manassas.

33. Trail to the Unfinished Railroad Grade

Trail to the Unfinished Railroad Grade.

34. Trail to Matthews Hill

This section of the trail path is also used for horses. You will need to watch your step.

35. Trail to Matthews Hill

This section of the trail path leads to the Matthew's Hill parking lot. You will need to cross a busy road. Caution is needed when crossing Sudley Road.

36. Trail to Matthews Hill

You can view the surrounding battlefield hills on this trail path.

37. Matthews Hill

Matthews Hill is the opening phase of the 1st battle.

38. Matthews Hill

Matthews Hill Loop trail.

39. Matthews Hill Loop Trail

Capt. William Reynolds' battery of Union artillery. From this vantage point, you can observe the landscape from Union artillery positions that overlook the historic Stone House and Confederate artillery positions on distant Henry Hill. Scenic vistas looking south and west give an excellent view of major portions of the battlefield.

40. Trail to Stone House

This is the battlefield view from both military perceptions. You can look down at the enemy or up at the enemy. This position gives you an idea of what the troops saw during the battle.

41. Stone House

The Stone House marker inscription reads:

This building links today's landscape to the battlefield scene. The roadbeds have not changed; thousands of soldiers noticed the Stone House as they marched through this strategic intersection.

During both battles Federals turned the former tavern into a field hospital. Bloody floorboards were hardly... More

42. Stone House

The building, which dates to the second quarter of the nineteenth century, served as an aide station during both battles of Manassas.

43. Battlefied of Bull Run or "First Manassas" Marker

Fought July 21, 1861, between 40,000 Federals under General M'Dowell, and 30,000 Confederates under General Beauregard. The Confederates occupied a position extending for about nine miles along the southern bank of the Bull Run, and an attempt to turn and drive in their left was at first successful, but, being rallied by General Beauregard, they... More

44. Henry House

Caught in the middle was Henry house, home of Judith Carter Henry, an elderly widow, who refused to evacuate her home during the battle and was killed by cannon fire (she is buried nearby).

45. Henry Hill

You can find Ricketts' Battery of Union artillery behind the visitor's center.