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Georgetown: Seattle Neighborhood Walk

Stroll through this hot neighborhood and (re)discover the city’s cool character.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Full day

Overview:  A formerly rough-around-the-edges district called Georgetown is waking from a decades-long sleep thanks to spirited trailblazers with ... more »

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Points of Interest

An eclectic crowd of creative-class types, artists, and aerospace-industry employees from a nearby firm, come to feed their caffeine fix at Seth Levy’s corner coffee shop in Georgetown. The shop has massive floor-to-ceiling windows and an eclectic selection of seating, including several outdoor benches. Coffee beans are Caffe Vita, and free wi-fi ... More

Chef Matt Dillon and restaurateur Wylie Bush decided to gut a building in an industrial neighborhood, remodel it, add a storybook garden entrance, and create their "dream restaurant," a rustic communal space where dinners emphasize local products, from the wine down to the mushrooms. Since opening in June of 2008, Corson Building has become known ... More

3. Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings

This Georgetown decor shop sells cool collector furniture and one-of-a-kind and found objects. Devoted hunter and gatherer Kirk Albert scours the country in search of design-magazine-worthy pieces that range from vintage signs to patinated worktables, even tame-by-comparison classic leather wingback chairs. Albert also designs his own line of... More

4. The Mix

This Georgetown tavern and multimedia event venue is the place to be for indie fun with art shows, concerts, even all-day waffles and televised football marathons. Live music is held five nights a week, including local and international rock, jazz, and country acts. Music can be participatory too with regularly scheduled Rockband and open mic... More

5. Totally Blown Glass

Artist Dehanna Jones makes luminous vases and bowls from handblown transparent and opaque glass.

5607 Corson Ave. S.
Seattle, Washington
United States

(206) 768-8944