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Ice Age Trail: Hartland

Follow the Ice Age Trail along the crystal clear Bark River as it cuts through the city and parks of Hartland.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 6.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  Follow the Ice Age Trail through the many parks of downtown Hartland, WI. This section features mostly paved trail connecting the... more »

Tips:  Parking

Parking is available at POIs 1, 18, 21, 27, and virtually anywhere on the street through this urban section.


Water is... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Centennial Park Trailhead

The Ice Age Trail:Hartland segment begins at Centennial Park. The trail follows a paved pathway south through Centennial Park. There are some playfields, playground, and plenty of parking. There is no water or restroom.

This trailhead connects to the Ice Age Trail:Merton segment.

The trail enters Harbrook Park and crosses the Bark River on a small bridge.

Hartbrook Park has a baseball diamond, soccer field, shelter, restrooms, basketball court, volleyball pit and play equipment.

The trail exits Harbrook Park onto Hartbrook Drive. The paved trail heads east to utilize the STH-16 underpass along the west side of North Ave.

4. Bark River Park Spur Trail

The trail leaves North Ave on the south side of STH-16 and immediately heads south into the woods within a few hundred feet.

The paved path continues into Bark River Park, which has parking and restrooms.

5. Lawn Street

The trail crosses Lawn Street

6. Bridge

The trail crosses the Bark River on a small bridge. On the other side of the bridge, the trail squeezes between two buildings in downtown Hartland.

7. Capitol Drive

The trail crosses Capitol Drive and follows Goodwin Avenue south.

8. Haight Drive

The trail turns west on Haight Drive and heads south immediately after crossing the Bark River. The trail leaves Haight Drive and follows the Bark River south next to the Hartland Public Library and the Village of Hartland offices.

9. Park Avenue

The trail crosses Park Avenue and enters Nixon Park on the other side.

10. Nixon Park

The trail enters Nixon Park on a paved path.

Nixon Park features a baseball diamond, basketball court, tennis courts, a soccer field, volleyball courts, restrooms, shelters, play equipment, fishing pond, Fine Arts Center, water, and parking.

11. Nixon Park Fishing Pond

The path splits around both sides of the pond and meets on the other side.

12. Nixon Park Parking Lot

The trail crosses the parking lot to the paved path on the other side.

13. Nixon Park Baseball Diamond

The trail leaves the paved path and follows the roadway east around the baseball diamond for a few hundred feet.

14. CTH-E

The trail leaves Nixon Park on a paved path alongside CTH-E.

15. Cardinal Lane

The trail intersects Cardinal Lane where it meets CTH-E. Cross east over CTH-E then south over Oak Ridge Drive. The paved path continues south.

16. Hartland Ice Age Wetland:Aldo Leopold Overlook

The trail enters the Hartland Ice Age Wetland: Aldo Leopold Overlook across CTH-E. This is the first of three sites in the Harland Ice Age Wetland commemorating Wisconsin conservationists.

This wooded area includes a side trail that tops a 45-foot hill with a scenic view.

The trail enters the woods heading west.

17. Hartland Ice Age Wetland Boardwalk

The Ice Age Trail heads south across extensive boardwalk.

18. Hartland Ice Age Wetland:Hartland Marsh-John Muir Overlook

Commemorative site honoring John Muir. It includes side trails and parking.

19. North Shore Drive

The trail crosses North Shore Drive and follows a footpath west into the woods.

20. Foxwood Drive

The trail leaves the woods onto Foxwood Drive. The trail follows roads for 1.2 miles through the Foxwood Estates subdivision.

21. Fieldwood Drive

The trail turns south on Fieldwood Drive.

22. Golf Hills Drive

The trail turns west onto Golf Hills Drive and then heads south.

23. Fairway Court

The trail heads west on Fariway Court.

24. Nagawaukee Golf Course

The trail leaves the road and enters the woods on a footpath at the west end of Fairway Court. The trail continues down a slope to join a dual-track blazed gravel path along the Nagawaukee Golf Course before it joins the Lake County Trail. Take the Lake County Trail west across STH-83 to the Nagawaukee Park-n-Ride.

25. Nagawaukee Park & Ride

The Ice Age Trail:Hartland segment ends at the Nagawaukee Park & Ride on STH-83 just north of I-94.

Ample parking is available here. Water, restrooms, and camping are close by at Nagawaukee County Park.

The trail continues on the Ice Age Trail:Delafield segment.

26. Bark River Park

Bark River Park has parking and restrooms.

27. Aldo Leopold Overlook

Scenic view atop a 45-foot hill.

28. Hartland Ice Age Wetland:John Wesley Powell

Nestled just south of the Cottonwood Avenue bridge over the Bark River, the John Wesley Powell commemorative site is marked by a sign.

A small grassy area allows for off-road parking.

29. Naga-Waukee County Park Spur Trail

A paved path leads into Nagawaukee County Park.

The park has camping, restrooms, water, parking, beach, and picnic areas.

30. Naga-Waukee County Park

Nagawaukee County Park is on STH-83 just north of I-94.

The park has camping, restrooms, water, parking, a beach, and picnic areas as well as access to the Ice Age Trail/Lake Country Recreational Trail.