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Ice Age Trail: Loew Lake

Follow the Ice Age Trail along the Oconomowoc River through a wildlife filled valley from Emerald Drive to CTH-K.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  The Ice Age Trail travels through a beautiful valley that once served as an anceint spillway. There is ample wildlife, scenic vistas, ... more »

Tips:  There are no facilities or water along this section of the trail.

Parking is available at POIs 13,14, and 15.

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Points of Interest

1. Emerald Drive Trailhead

The Loew Lake segment of the Ice Age Trail begins at Emerald Drive. At Emerald Drive, the trail offers a spectacular view of Holy Hill to the north. A 1.2 mile on-road section connects to the Holy Hill segment further north.

The trail heads south from Emerald Drive and descends a steep slope into the Loew Lake valley via a few switchbacks.

There... More

2. Scenic Overlook

Shortly after descending the slope into the valley, the trail passes a bench atop a small hill offering a wide vista of the valley.

3. Emerald Drive Parking Area Spur

A short spur with blue blazes leads to a gravel parking area with information board off of Emerald Drive.

4. Scenic Overlook

A bench sits atop a small hill offering a scenic view.

5. Emerald Drive

The trail exits onto Emerald Drive. The trail begins again 0.2 miles south on Emerald Drive.

6. Ice Age Trail

The trail leaves Emerald Drive for a footpath into the woods on the east side of the road.

7. Scenic Overlook

A large wooden pathway and deck provides an overlook of the valley.

8. Scenic Overlook

A bench in a clearning offer a place to rest and soak in the view of Holy Hill to the north.

9. Emerald Drive

The trail exits onto Emerald Drive. The footpath begins 0.4 miles south on Emerald Drive.

10. Ice Age Trail

The Ice Age Trail resumes as a footpath at the entrance to a tree farm off Emerald Drive just east of CTH-K.

11. Boardwalk

An extensive boardwalk crosses some seasonal wetlands.

12. Oconomowoc River

The trail meets the Oconomowoc River.

13. CTH-K Trailhead

The Loew Lake segment of the Ice Age Trail ends at the intersection of CTH-K and CTH-Q in Monches, WI.

The trail continues south on the Ice Age Trail:Monches segment at the southwest corner of the intersection.

Parking is allowed south of the intersection in Waukesha County on CTH-E and a wide gravel shoulder accommodates a few cars. Parking is ... More

14. Emerald Drive Parking Area

A gravel parking area just off of Emerald Drive has an information board and a spur trail to the Ice Age trail.

15. DNR Parking Lot

A small gravel parking area off CTH-Q.

Southern trailhead of the Ice Age Trail: Holy Hill segment.

The Ice Age Trail: Holy Hill segment is a 7 mile trail whose southern segtion circles the historic and beautiful Holy Hill.

17. Ice Age Trail:Monches

The Ice Age Trail continues 3.1 miles south through the beautiful Carl Schurz hardwoods and along the Oconomowoc River.

The Ice Age Trail:Monches segment is part of the Walk the Wauk award program.