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Ice Age Trail: Blackhawk

Follow the Ice Age Trail past a historic cabin and a quiet lake from Young Road to HWY 12 in the Kettle Moraine.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 6.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  The Ice Age Trail is a thousand-mile footpath highlighting the remnants left behind by glaciers during the last ice age over 12,000... more »

Tips:  Trail Signage:

Yellow blazes, small rectangles painted or hung on trees or post along the trail, are the official trail blaze of the ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Young Road

The trail crosses Young Road, the northern end of this segment.

Parking is possible on a small section of wide shoulder, but you are better off parking in the Bald Bluff Parking lot just 0.2 miles north of Young Road on CTH H. A well marked spur trail leads up from the parking lot to the Ice Age trail before continuing to the top of Bald Bluff.

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2. Oak Opening Trail Junction

The trail intersects a trail of the Oak Opening area.

3. CTH H

The trail crosses CTH H.

4. Bluff Road

The trail crosses Bluff Road.

5. Ole Oleson Homestead Access Spur

A short spur trail heads west to the Ole Oleson Homestead 0.25 to the West.

Access to the display of historic pioneer tools inside this two-story cabin of tamarack logs can be arranged with the Kettle Moraine State Forest Headquarters.

6. Lime Kiln Trail

The trail intersects the Lime Kiln Trail heading east for 0.6 miles to a pioneer lime kiln.

7. Shelter # 3 Access Spur

A short spur trail leads up the bluff to Shleter #3.

8. Duffin Drive

The trail crosses Duffin Drive.

9. Lake La Grange Loop Trail

The trail intersects with the Lake La Grange Loop Trail.

The Ice Age Trail continues to the right around the the west side of Lake La Grange to the HWY 12 trailhead.

Following the Lake La Grange trail left (south) shortcuts around the east side of Lake La Grange connecting to the HWY 12 trailhead via old abandoned subdivision roads.

10. Lake La Grange Scenic Vista

A bench overloks Lake La Grange from a scenic vista.

11. HWY 12 Trailhead

The trail ends at HWY 12, the southern end of this segment.

The developed trailhead has a large parking lot, portable toilet, and large information board.

12. Ole Oleson Homestead

Access to the display of historic pioneer tools inside this two-story cabin of tamarack logs can be arranged with the Kettle Moraine State Forest Headquarters.

13. Bald Bluff Scenic Overlook

Parking and access for the Bald Bluff Scenic Overlook and Natural Area, and the Ice Age Trail.

Parked vehicle must display a valid pass, which can be obtained from the Kettle Moraine State Forest Headquarters on HWY 59.

14. Backpacking Shelter #3

The backpakcer camp includes a small adirondack style shelter, picnic table,campfire ring, and a pit toilet. Everything must be carried in and out as there is no water here. The closest water source is at the John Muir Hiking & Biking Trailhead on CTH H.

Over night use is by reservation, (888)947-2757 or www.reserveamerica.com

15. John Muir Hiking & Biking Trails

The John Muir trails are very popular with mountain bikers. On a typical weekend in season, the ample parking lot will be filled with hoards of bikers. Facilities such as restrooms, water, and picnic shelters can also be found here.

16. Ole Oleson Homestead Parking

Small area for parking with access to the Ice Age Trail from a 0.25 mile spur trail.