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Flat Iron Mesa 4x4 Trail

Complex route with fun obstacles and great scenery

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 15.6 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Scenic views from top of Rubble Hill and along edge of 800-ft.-deep Hatch Wash. Trail is popular during the Easter Jeep Safari but is ... more »

Tips:  We particular enjoy doing this trip during the Easter Jeep Safari where expert spotters help you through the worst spots. Take plenty ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of Trail

During the Easter Jeep Safari, vehicles line up along the west side of Highway 191 heading north. Proceed north and drop down into a ravine, then turn west.

2. Rubble Hill

Steep climb up loose rock to top of hill with great views. At top, circle around to left and make steep descent. At bottom of hill head south on better road.

3. Turn Right

Turn right off good road and cross over area of unusual rock called Red Brick Road.

4. Climb Slickrock Hill

Trail continues straight, but the official Jeep Safari route turns sharply to the left here up a big ledge. You'll turn right and cross a fun slickrock dome where it gets very tippy in spots.

5. Drop Down Off Slickrock

Drop steeply down off the slickrock and bear left. Trail soon curves to the west.

6. The Chute

A left turn here takes you east into a fun canyon. Road climbs into rocky narrow canyon called the Chute, turns around just before reaching the top and comes back down. Stay left to get back to main trail where bypass rejoins, then continue south.

7. Flat Iron Road

Trail runs into Flat Iron Road, a major county road. Turn right. Left exits to Highway 191.

8. Important Left Turn

Turn left off the county road. After a small ledge, the road turns south and goes around Flat Iron Butte.

9. Right for Tilt-a-Whirl

Driver's choice. Right goes downhill to challenging Tilt-a Whirl obstacle. Left is a bypass. Roads rejoin and continue southeast along the edge of massive Hatch Wash.

10. Important Fork

Turn right to follow road along the edge of Hatch Wash. Straight is better road that eventually turns east and takes you back out to the county road.

11. Overlook of Hatch Wash

The road appears to end at an overlook of Hatch Wash. Circle around and follow a parallel road south of the road that took you to the overlook. Follow tracklog through networt of confusing roads. Road improves soon.

12. Bear Right

Turn right on a slightly better road. Straight goes back out to county road.

13. Important Decision Point

Arrive at important T intersection. Right goes around the west side of Hammerhead Rock along the edge of Hatch Wash. You'll have to squeeze through very difficult Easter Egg Hill (spotter recommended), then go along the edge of "The Intimidator." This is a terrifying spot even for people not afraid of heights. Left is an easier bypass around ... More

14. Bypass Rejoins

After completing Easter Egg Hill and The Intimidator, continue on around going past parking area to point where bypass rejoins. Turn right here and head east. (During the Easter Jeep Safari, people who take the bypass can park in the parking area and walk back to see the action on Easter Egg Hill.)

15. Return to County Road

Turn right when you get back to main county road to get back to Highway 191.

16. End of Trip

Trip ends at Highway 191. Moab is left about 18 miles.