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Kane Creek Canyon 4x4 Trail

So many creek crossings you lose count. Difficult rock ledges.

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 13.2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  This trail winds back and forth across the floor of Kane Creek Canyon and crosses Kane Creek many times. It then climbs steeply out of... more »

Tips:  Take lots of water. Canyon can get very hot in the summer. In spots, the trail is overgrown with tamarisk and can be very buggy during... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trail Starts Here

Turn left here following sign to Kane Creek Canyon. Straight goes to Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners (available as eGuide from FunTreks).

2. Creek Crossing

Cross over to other side of Kane Creek. Water is usually shallow except after heavy rain storms.

3. Area of Extreme Erosion

Conditions can change dramatically as erosion constantly eats away at the trail. This section was completely washed away for a while until the BLM blasted away some rock to create a new road. It's alway a good idea to check with the BLM to make sure trail is open.

4. Begin Numerous Water Crossings

Trail drops down into Kane Creek and begins crossing it many times. Do your best to follows the trail marked with brown carsonite post. It is easy to get off course. Spots can be deep in places.

5. Fence

Pass through opening in fence.

6. Creek Forks

Trail follows creek for distance. Stay left here where creek splits. You'll come out of the creek for a short distance, then drop in again.

7. Hard Right Up Shelf Road

After coming out of the creek, you start up a rocky road along a rock wall. The trail turns hard right and climbs up some challenging ledges, then continues across a high shelf with high views of the creek. There is a small parking area to the left here where an ATV trail descends to a difficult water crossing. We recommend ATVs turn around at... More

8. Muleshoe Canyon

A tributary of Kane Creek comes out of Muleshoe Canyon and joins here. Awkward ledges coming out of the creek are quite difficult.

9. Leave Kane Creek

Kane Creek continues straight here, but the trail turns right and climbs steeply away from the creek. Follow trail carefully through pipeline area.

10. End at Highway 191

Follow tracklog to left and trail soon ends at Highway 191. Moab is to left about 15 miles.