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Hells Revenge 4x4 Trail, Moab, UT

Incredibly fun, amazing challenges, stunningly beautiful

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 8.4 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  As beautiful as it is challenging. High vantage point offers great views of the La Sal Mountains, Negro Bill Canyon, Abyss Canyon and ... more »

Tips:  This is a trip you’ll talk about for years. It is impossible to put into words how much fun it is. When in doubt, always take the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Entrance to Hells Revenge

Just after going through toll booth the Sand Flats Recreation Area, turn into parking lot on left. Trail starts up steep rock wall with heavy black tire marks.

2. Lake Michigan

Trail comes down off fin to low point in narrow canyon. Early in the spring, this spot may be filled with water too deep to get through. They call this spot Lake Michigan (we don't know why that name). If Hells Revenge is closed, it is usually due to too much water at this spot.

3. View of Lions Back

Bear left after passing through an opening in a fence and follow trail across high ridge. Off to the left is famous Lions Back, now permanently closed. If you look around carefully, you'll also find real dinosaur tracks in the rocks under your feet. As you continue you'll drop downhill. First road on left is Search and Rescue Road not to be used... More

4. The Fun Begins

Bear left uphill on a narrow, steep fin. The spectacular part of the trip begins here.

5. Steep descent

After going up and down gigantic fins, trail turns very steeply downhill to the right and passes through area with view of Abyss Canyon to the right.

6. Side Trip

Trail continues straight, but to the right, you'll find a large challenging ledge to practice driving up. At one time, this was an exit point to an alternative way to drive the trail.

7. Stay Right

After crossing Slickrock Bike Trail, continue north. Turn right here to reach dramatic view of Colorado River. You'll also find optional Hells Gate, a dangerous and popular side loop.

8. View of Colorado River

You can follow tracks up the steep slickrock at the end of the trail for incredible views of the Colorado River far below. High cliffs, watch kids and pets. You'll also see the entrance to Hells Gate to the west. It's a short, but extremely tricky loop that people like to go down and up. A slight misplacement of a tire can flip your vehicle on its... More

9. Black Hole

Follow tracklog through a complex area and climb to a point above a shadowed wall you can see in the distance, called the Black Hole. Trail crosses along the top edge for a thrilling look down.

10. Hot Tubs

Trail winds through an area of giant pot holes that the BLM allows vehicles to drive through. The most famous one is called "Mickey's Hot Tub," It's straight down and straight up, but many people attempt it. Most need a strap to get out. This is immediately followed by an incredibly steep descent down the Dragon's Tail. Make sure you line yourself... More

11. The Escalator

You'll wind through a mix of sand and slickrock and begin to climb again. A narrow, steep crevice on the right is the "Escalator." You'll need an excellent spotter if you attempt this extreme obstacle. You can flip upside down in a split second if a tire slips off the wall. It circles around and rejoins the trail at a point you just passed.

12. Tip-Over Challenge

A steep rock wall on the left is called Tip-Over Challenge. Its name is well deserved. You can bypass the spot to the right and circle back to trail above Tip-Over Challenge. Once you get up above the obstacle, you can turn left on shortcut up steep hill, or continue northwest and circle back up an obstacle called "Rubble Trouble." We took the... More

13. Exit Point of Trail

After you get over the ridge after Tip-Over Challenge, you'll head southeast downhill behind Lions Back. Follow markers and tracklog carefully as trail gets very confusing. Markers on the trail through this area have changed several times, so if our tracklog conflicts with trail markers, follow the official marked route. You drop down through a... More