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Hells Revenge - Alpine Adventures

Slickrock trail that is unmatched anywhere.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6.5 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Well this trail does not mess around I have had more than one person say where is the trail then point at the fin and they say "No Way... more »

Tips:  6: Roads are difficult with a fair amount of damage that is repaired just enough to be passable. Steps not exceeding 24". Tall tires (... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Paved Parking Lot

With continual updates in the area it was quite a surprise to see the lot paved. Also there are bathrooms here as well, the only restrooms on the trail.

2. Entrance Fin

This fin is the only way onto the trail. So just stay in the middle and take it easy.

3. Lake Michigan.... maybe

After a good rain this area can be deep at times. If it has not rained its dry as a bone.

4. Start watching for Yellow/White Lines

These lines tell you what area you need to be in to go down a steep section safely. So line up your tires between the two lines and you will be fine. Pay attention they are throughout the trail.

5. Lions Back

Now Closed but the video of the Blue Chevy Carreening down the slick rock is from this spot. Its closed because the camp ground sold and its owned by an investor now.

But was a neat rush.

6. Hells Gate Junction

Going North will take you to a GREAT overlook of the Colorado River and the infamous Hells Gate.

7. Colorado River Overlook

Simply Amazing

8. Hells Gate

Optional section of Trail. Very challenging and to say the least intimidating. The entrace some say is worse than the exit... of course there are others that say just the opposite.

9. Photo Opp

Just a great place to get some good pictures.

10. Hot Tub

One of the many Hot Tubs on this trail. Very challenging.

11. Mickeys Hot Tub

This is probably the most pictured and videod hut tub. And believe me it looks big in pics and video but once your in it it is rather tight for a vehicle.

12. Whales Tale

Steep Descent just keep it straight going over the top and watch the lines.

13. Escalator

Optional Obstacle

Two "Hot Tub" type depressions stacked one on top of the other. This is probably the hardest obstacle on the trail.

14. Tip Over Challenge

Optional Obstacle

This is basically two HUGE steps stacked up... oh and they are off camber as well as covered by sand quite often.


2010 The exit has been changed DRAMATICALLY. It does not follow the track from here out. Unfortunately my GPS was dead at this point. Just follow the main/only path and you will get to the "end".