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Cramtons Gap to Harpers Ferry on the Applachian Trail


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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.9 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview:  The 9.8-mile stretch of Appalachian Trail leading from Cramptons Gap to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, is one of the most popular and... more »

Tips:  Wear sturdy shoes since the trail is rocky in some places.

While this hike is fantastic all year 'round, hiking it in the winter... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trail Crossing

Cross the trail here and continue on along the Appalachian Trail

2. Shelter

Turn left off of the trail and you will find a Shelter.

3. Appalachian Trail shelter

Here you will find a shelter along the trail. If you need it, there is also a bathroom nearby.

4. Overlook Detour

Go forward to the overlook, then walk back to continue on Appalachian Trail south.

5. Overlook

Here you will see a nice overlook of the area below. When you are ready, walk back to the trail to continue the hike.

6. Switchbacks

A number of switchbacks start here and lead you down the mountain side. Take them slowly if you have knee problems.

7. Map of Appalachian Trail

At the bottom of the section of switchbacks you will find a map of the Appalachian Trail. If you found the map, you are still on the right path.

8. Street Crossing

Soon you will arrive at a street cutting through the trail. Cross the street and join the trail on the other side on the left of the guardrail.

9. Continue past the path

Continue past path the path on the right to parking lot.

10. Bridge

Follow path that leads under the bridge.

11. Street Crossing

Soon you will arrive at another street. Cross the street, past the railing, and cross the railroad tracks.

12. Railroad Tracks

Be careful for trains. When it is safe, cross over the tracks and continue along the trail on the other side.

13. Towpath

Turn right here onto the towpath.

14. Kayaks and Inner tubes

On your left you will see a landing point for kayaks and intertubes.

15. Hwy 340 bridge

Cross under the Hwy 340 bridge and continue along until you find the next bridge.

16. Pedestrian Path over Bridge

Take the spiral staircase up to pedestrian path and cross over the bridge.

17. End of the Hike

You have reached the end of the hike, congratulations!