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San Francisco Food Tour

These Bay Area restaurants emphasize value, warmth, and comfort.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days

Overview:  Within a relatively compact 40 square miles one can find showy Victorian manses and elegant Art Deco skyscrapers; the sprawling,... more »

Tips:  September and October. The summer fog has cleared, the nights are as warm as they ever get, and the winter rains haven’t started.... more »

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Points of Interest

What could be better than waking up to the startlingly fragrant coffee made from freshly roasted single-origin beans? This airy, industrial-chic place is home to the famous halogen-powered $20,000 Japanese coffee siphon (the only one of its kind in North America); the brewing process has all the ritualistic reverence of a Kyoto tea ceremony.... More

Chef-owner Brenda Buenviaje calls on her New Orleans roots to create refined, Creole-influenced fare at her namesake French soul food restaurant. The beignet, a deep-fried pastry similar to a doughnut, is one of her specialties, with varieties including chocolate, apple, or crawfish. Customers fill the Civic Center Plaza diner (expanded in 2011 to... More

Dynamo Donut & Coffee serves an array of handmade cake-like donuts at its highly trafficked counter, prominently located on 24th Street, one of the main drags of the Mission District. Founded by well-traveled pastry chef Sara Spearin, Dynamo uses organic and local ingredients to produce distinctive flavors like vanilla bean, banana de leche,... More

4. La Mar, San Francisco

It doesn’t get prettier than the outdoor seats at La Mar, right on the water’s edge on the Embarcadero, with a view of the boats and the bay. This big, bold cebichería is the first American outpost by Gaston Acurio, the dynamic Peruvian über-chef determined to hook the planet on Andean chilies, tubers, and jazzy lime-soaked raw-fish concoctions.... More

This wildly popular dining venue at the new California Academy of Sciences, in Golden Gate Park (sister restaurant to the neighboring Academy Café), is a shrine to sustainable agriculture, courtesy of local food heroes and good-pal chefs Charles Phan (Slanted Door) and Loretta Keller (Coco500). The handsome subterranean space—yes, that’s live moss... More

Don’t worry if you draw near to The Sentinel and there’s a line, it generally moves quickly and your turn to order will be up before you know it. This takeout place on New Montgomery Street in the SoMa (South of Market) neighborhood serves up breakfast and lunch from its counter between folding wood doors and underneath a blue awning with cigar... More

Neighborhood swells wash down grilled bavette steak and sinful duck fat-fried potatoes with big-ticket Cabs with prerecession abandon at this masculine chocolate-colored boîte in Presidio Heights. Among the many reasons to love it are a deep, serious Riesling list; chef Mark Sullivan’s awesome house-made charcuterie; and his knack for sneaking... More