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Ice Age Trail: Janesville

Follow the southernmost segment of the Ice Age Trail through Janesville from Rotamer Road to Riverside Park.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 8.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  The Janesville segment of the Ice
Age Trail follows on a paved path through Janesville from Rotamer Road, along the Rock River, to... more »

Tips:  This urban setting provide many access points to the trail with plenty of parking options, including both ends of this segment. The... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Rotamer Road Trailhead

The Rotamer Road Trailhead marks one end of the Ice Age Trail:Janesville segment. The trail heads south on a paved path behind the shopping center.

Parking is available just to the west in the shopping center parking lot.

The trail heads north on the Ice Age Trail:Janesville to Milton segment.

2. Deerfield Drive Access Spur

A short spur trail provides access to Deerfield Drive.

3. Wright Road

The trail crosses Wright Road just north of STH-14.

4. Sandhill Drive Access Spur

The trail turns right.

The access spur to the left leads to Sandhill Drive.

5. STH-14 PedestrianTunnel

The trail heads south under STH-14 via a pedestrian tunnel.

6. Curry Lane

The trail crosses Curry Lane.

7. Randolph Road

The trail crosses Randolph Road.

8. Shannon Drive Access Spur

A short spur provides access to Shannon Drive.

9. Milwaukee Street

The trail crosses Milwaukee Street.

10. Parkview Drive

The trail crosses Parkview Drive.

11. Springbrook Trail

The Springbrook Trail veers left.

12. Brunswick Lane

The trail crosses Brunswick Lane

13. Wright Road

The trail crosses Wright Road.

14. Youth Sports Complex Spur

Ice Age Trail stays to the right.

Left hand spurt trail leads to Youth Sports Complex.

15. Ruger Avenue

Trail crosses Ruger Avenue.

A small parking are is available across Greendale Drive.

16. Blackhawk Meadows Park

The trail enters Blackhawk Meadows Park.

Parking is available in a small lot.

17. Blackhawk Meadows Park Parking

Large parking lot with trail access.

18. Blackhawk Meadows Park Restrooms

Restrooms in Blackhawk Meadows Park

19. Palmer Drive

The trail crosses Palmer Drive.

20. Palmer Park

Palmer Park has offers ample parking and a staffed visitor information center.

21. Jennifer Finn Memorial Information Kiosk

Trail side information kiosk

22. Racine Street/STH-14

The trail crosses Racine Street/STH-14.

23. Sharon Road

The trail crosses Sharon Road.

Up ahead, the trail stays to the left while a spur trail heads right to the Rotary Botanical Gardens.

24. Spring Brook Bridge

The trail crosses Spring Brook.

25. Southernmost point

A sign with mileage marks the southern most point of the trail.

26. Main Street

The trail crosses Main Street.

27. Beloit Avenue

The trail crosses Beloit Avenue.

28. Rock River Bridge

An old rail bridge provides safe passage across the Rock River.

29. Rockport Road

The trail takes to the roads and follows Rockport Road to the right.

30. River Street

The trail turns right on River Street.

31. Racine Street

The trail crosses Racine Street.

32. Court Street

The trail crosses Court Street.

33. Large Parking Lot

The trail passes through a large parking lot.

34. Milwaukee Street

The trail crosses Milwaukee Street.

35. Rock River Dam

A nice overlook of the Rock River Dam.

36. Centerway Street

The trail crosses Centerway street and passes under the railway bridge.

37. Kiwanis Bike Trail

The trail joins the Kiwanis Bike Trail.

38. Ice Age Way

The trail joins Ice Age Way.

39. Kiwanis Bike Trail

The trail joins the Kiwanis Bike Trail.

40. Riverside Park Trailhead

The Ice Age Trail/Kiwanis Bike Trail intersects Parkside Drive at Riverside Park.

Water is available at the artesian well and inside the south pavilion.

Restrooms are across Parkside Drive.

This is the end of the Ice Age Trail:Janesville segment.

The trail continue north through Riverside Park on the Ice Age Trail:Devil's Staircase segement.

41. Amhurst Road Trailhead

Cul-de-sac with parking, playground, and water.

42. Rotamer Road Trailhead Parking

Ample parking linked to the Rotamer Road trailhead by a paved path on the north side of the shopping center

43. Greendale Drive Parking

Small parking lot

Rotary Botanical Gardens offer ample parking, access to the Ice Age Trail via a spur, and beautiful manicured gardens.

45. Dawson Ball Field

Parking available at Dawson Ball Field

46. Mercy Hospital Trailhead

Trailhead at Mercy Hospital offer parking in a small lot next to a railway crossing.