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West Bluff Trail - Devils Lake State Park

Watch your step as you work your way along the rim of quartzite cliffs that form the western rim of Devils Lake basin.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 1.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview:  The West Bluff Trail at Devils Lake is one of the more impressive in the park. From atop 100-200ft quartzite cliffs, you have a view... more »

Tips:  Link the West Bluff and the Tumbled Rocks or East Bluff trails for a loop back to the trailhead.

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Points of Interest

1. Lake Views

From all along the top of the quartzite cliffs, you will have excellent views of Devils Lake. Be careful near the edges, some of the blocks can shift.

2. Hardwood Forest

Behind the bluffs, hardwood forests of maple and ash cover the landscape. In the fall, the leaves change to a range of red and gold.

3. More Cliffs

Watch out below, the hard stone of these cliff provides excellent places for rock climbers.

4. Viewpoint

Here, the rock juts out from the cliff line to form a point. It's a great vantage point.