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The Mt. Spokane Loop (mid-June through October)

This is a fun hike that loops around Mt. Spokane, via Mt. Kit Carson and Day Mountain.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  This is a fun day hike around Mt. Spokane. The hike takes you to areas of the State Park that most people never see. It is rated... more »

Tips:  • If you are viewing this on the phone App - go online for web links to park resources, trail video, and 360º panorama interactive... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Park at Bald Knob Campground

This hike is easy in that you are really just staying on Trail 130 all the way around - although, you do follow some of the ski runs going up by Chairlift 4. Its a more interesting route. You can go either direction, does not make much difference on the level of difficulty. Hiking clockwise on the loop is perhaps a better choice, as the more... More

2. CCC Cabin

There are a number of cabins on Mt. Spokane. Good to know if your caught out in the rain. Or cold weather.

Knowing the location of the CCC Cabin is critical for activities on Mt. Spokane. The former State Park headquarters, today it offer sanctuary from the weather, picnic tables and a central location if you have to call for help.

3. Mt. Kit Carson

As you start going up on Mt. Kit Carson, you hit some more serious elevation gain. Its steep - its advisable to stop and catch your breath - still a long hike ahead.

The peak at Mt. Kit Carson is a destination on its own. Well worth the hike out to it. For the hiking community, this is the most common destination in the Mt. Spokane State... More

4. Day Mountain

Day Mountain is probably my favorite peak at Mount Spokane. It is by far the most picturesque and a great place to stop for a snack.

This peak is surprising in how few people hike out to it. It would seem like a natural hike to loop around after Mt. Kit Carson. There's wonderful meadows leading up to the peak. The area between Mt. Kit Carson... More

5. Trail Intersection

This is the point where Trail 130 takes off from Upper Kit Carson Loop Road, and wraps around Mt. Spokane.

Keep an eye out, as you hike down from Day Mountain you get some views of valleys to the north that can only be seen from here.

The next few miles are relatively flat, so a great section to stretch your legs and get some faster hiking... More

6. Lunch - the Gouda cheese spot

Along this area is the natural place to stop for lunch. You will come across some nice spots in the woods to take the pack off and stretch out for some well deserved lunch. This is the type of hike my old departed friend John would call a Gouda cheese and apple hike. He would plop down and pull out cheese & crackers from his pack like he... More

7. Ski lift and run

You are at the intersection of Trail 130 and Chairlift 4 on the ski runs. You can continue on around on Trail 130, it is the easier hike. The more scenic and fun hike is to go up the ski run. You do not go up the ultra steep ski run section, but it is long. The terrain is nice for cross-country hiking on a ski run. You should be wearing... More

8. The maddening incline

The incline is not steep, just loooonnnnngggg. It is made worse in August due to the seeding tall grass. Be prepared during that time of year.

Otherwise, this is a scenic area. Very few people come out here outside of winter ski season. Its a different feel to hike along the ski runs in the summer. In Colorado and throughout Europe, hiking... More

9. The steep ski runs

Fortunately, at the top of the backside ski run you got back on Trail 130, which is a much easier surface to hike than the steep ski runs. At this point you will start to feel the miles and be glad that there are only a few miles left.

10. No Alibi Ski Run

You are approaching the end of the hike. If you are out in early August, its time to take a quick break for some huckleberries.

HUCKLEBERRIES: Since you've read this far, FYI - this is the 2nd best spot for huckleberries in Mt. Spokane State Park. First two weeks or so of August. Go up next to the last green ski lift tower (No Alibi ski run)... More