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Ellen and Abraham

Grab both these 4,000' peaks on a long ridge above the Sugarbush Ski Resort with an optional ski descent.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview:  This is a fun ridge climb in winter or spring if you bring along a pair of skis for the descent. Once you climb up the ski slopes... more »

Tips:  Sugarbush Trailhead:
Follow Rte. 101 north past the town of Warren Vt, keeping an eye out for the many signs pointing towards... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Sugarbush Ski Resort Parking

Park here. It's best if you come just after the resort closes but when I did it while they were open nobody gave me any trouble for climbing the side of the trails. I got a lot of "way to earn your turns buddy!" on the way up. :)

2. Waffle Haus

Awesome Waffle House that is in operation during the ski season. Stop here if you want a warm yummy treat!

3. Top of Lincoln Peak

Not quite above 4,000' but you can definitely count it as another mountain climbed! Head south from the summit on the clear herdpath through the brush towards Abraham. Abraham has a bare summit. You won't miss it.

4. Summit of Mt. Abraham

At 4,006' you are at the summit of the southernmost mountain of this range. If it is nice out take a break and soak up the views as most of the rest of the hike you'll be under trees and Ellen is a wooded summit.

5. Mt. Ellen Summit

At 4,083' this is the highpoint of the range but unfortunately it is wooded. From here return the way you came until you reach the trails again.

6. Ski Descent?

When you get to this point hiking along the ridge feel free to drop your ski equipment if you have it as you'll be returning to this point for your descent down the trails of Sugarbush.