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Chauner's Loop and White Pine Trail

Mountain bike ride at the Snowbird Ski Resort, located about 25 miles southeast of Salt Lake City
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.6 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  Snowbird is a world class ski resort, widely known for its champagne powder and steep runs. But during the summer, it also offers some... more »

Tips:  Pick up a trail map at the Activity Center at the Snowbird Center. The trails are for the most part unmarked. It is also a good idea... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Entry 3 Parking Lot

Start from the parking lot at Entry 3 at the Snowbird Resort. Before you start, it may be helpful to grab a map of the trails at the Activity Center in the Snowbird Center.

2. Bridge crossing

Cross over the bridge that goes over the creek. At your first intersection go left on the jeep road.

3. Intersection with paved pathway

The jeep road intersects with a paved pathway. At this intersection, you can stay on the jeep road or go left down the paved pathway. I went down the paved pathway for this ride to get a better look at the children's playground.

4. Chauner's Loop

This is the beginning of the Chauner's Loop trail. There is no sign for it, so don't miss it. I only saw it because there was a race sign pointing to it. The Intermountain Cup MTB Race series often holds a race on this course. Another landmark that you can look for is a shed on your left. You will also pass under the Peruvian lift. The singletrack... More

5. Intersection with Peruvian Gulch trail

At this intersection, stay left and follow the mountain bike trail. Going right leads to the Peruvian Gulch trail, a hiking trail only.

6. Intersection with Dick Bass Highway trail

Go left at this intersection onto the Dick Bass Highway trail. This is an uphill jeep road that will eventually lead to the Midway trail in about 1 mile (POI #8).

7. Intersection with Gad Valley trail and Rothman Way

At this intersection, go right onto the Gad Valley trail.

8. Midway trail

This is the beginning of the Midway trail, a fun winding singletrack downhill. It starts just underneath the "Gad" lifts and goes for about 1.3 miles.

9. Singletrack to right of jeep road

Take the singletrack on the right of the jeep road.

10. Creek Road

You have just returned back to the initial jeep road, Creek Road. Turn left onto Creek Road back toward the way you started this trail. If you are tired or don't have enough time to do the White Pine trail, head back to the parking lot.

11. Miners' Road

At this intersection near where you initially started this ride, go left onto Miners' Road. You will follow this for maybe 100 yards before turning onto an unmarked singletrack trail on your right, the Dean's Delight trail (POI #12).

12. Dean's Delight trail

Don't miss this unmarked singletrack trail on your right. This leads to more fun rolling singletrack. This trail is about 1.5 miles long and will lead you to the White Pine Trail (POI #15)

13. Miniature waterfall

You'll pass by this small waterfall/creek while crossing over a bridge. I thought it was pretty neat. As summer progresses, the waterfall may not be as impressive as water starts to become less plentiful on the trail due to evaporation.

14. Gad Valley Summer Road

Cross this jeep road and singletrack continues on. Hoo-hoo!

15. White Pine trail

This is a very subtle singletrack trail that starts at a switchback. Once again, it is unmarked. I missed it the first time that I did this trail. Once on the White Pine trail, it gets a little more rugged. You will encounter obstacles like the ones in the pictures. This trail is about 1 mile long and will dump you at the lower trailhead for the... More

16. Lower White Pine trailhead

The White Pine trail will dump you out at the lower trailhead where there is a bridge to the parking area and a trail sign. You could cross the bridge and take the road back out to Little Cottonwood Road (UT-210) and turn right and go uphill on the road back to the start. Or in this case, continue following the trail sign up a narrow jeep road... More

17. Intersection of White Pine and Red Pine trails

This is where I stopped this ride and turned around. The White Pine trail continues to the left, and if you wanted, you may continue on. The White Pine trail continues for several more miles and leads to White Pine Lake and some beautiful scenery. The climb is tough but do-able. To return to the start, I reversed my direction and followed the... More