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Devil's Churn Cape Perpetua

A very cool crack in the bedrock that funnels water into a narrow channel with explosive results!
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.5 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  You'll want to spend a half day exploring this State Park. The coastline is beautiful and you'll be captivated by the waves as they... more »

Tips:  Cape Perpetua is about a 30 minute drive south of Newport on HWY 101. You'll need a Northwest Forest Pass to park there.

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Points of Interest

Head out of the parking lot following the trail signs towards the coast

2. Junction

You can head off on either trail as it is a big loop that will bring you to a feature called "spouting horn".

3. Spouting Horn

A small channel forces waves into a small spout that erupts into the air. Take a minute and wait for a big wave to come in. It's pretty impressive.

4. More Waves and Tidepools

Take your time in this area and enjoy how the waves funnel into channels and explode at the end. At low tide you'll see numerous tidepools. Check them out and look for critters!

5. Amazing Tree

Look for this amazing tree and head down the trail. It's a loop trail. Choose either option, by the water or through the woods.. You're heading towards Devil's Churn.

Here again, water is funneled through a narrow channel. As it flows in the water is pinched into an explosive wave that bursts over onlookers. Be extremely careful here as the rocks are slippery and if you fall into this channel you will not be able to swim out and will most likely drown. When you are done gawking at the power of nature return ... More