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Seaside Oregon Coastal Range Discovery

A great ride with a challenging ascent to reach some great views along the ridge and a leisurely ride home...

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 16.8 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview:  Seaside is fortunate to be boarded on two sides by the coastal mountain range. This provides a unique opportunity to see ocean views... more »

Tips:  Be prepared with a cellphone, a map (which you can get from the Campbell Group Forestry Center) at the top of Lewis & Clark Rd M-F... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Seaside Visitor Bureau & Information Center

Start at the Seaside Visitor Bureau and head South on Hwy 101. Continue south heading out of Seaside to the Junction for Portland/Cannon Beach.

The Seaside Visitor Bureau and Seaside Chamber of Commerce are co-located at the junction of Hwy 101 and Broadway. The Visitor Bureau provides information on Seaside, the surrounding area, Oregon,... More

2. Hwy 101 - Mulligan ML Entrance

Follow the Cannon Beach - Hwy 101 South route. After about a half mile there is a forestry road and gate on the left (East) side of the hwy. Go through the gate and head uphill fairly steeply.

3. Mulligan - Volmer Junction

Continue heading uphill to the top of the ridge following the Mulligan road (just keep heading uphill). After reaching the crest move along and around the ridge. Take a right at the triangular junction for a winding route prior to heading down hill towards the valley below.

4. Volmer - Hwy 26 Junction

At the junction turn left (East) for a few hundred yards along the road before turning right into the Cloochy Creek Picnic Area.

5. Cloochy/Cloutrie Creek Picninc Area

Turn right (over the bridge) into the picnic area and follow the obvious trail/road through the site until you reach the forestry gate. After the forestry gate head westerly (left) along the forestry road.

Take some time to read the monument to Antoine Cloutrie at the entrance to the park.

Continue on the road heading from Cloochy Creek and head... More

6. Beerman Creek Bridge

Just after the bridge go left and down the forest road then through the gate to Beerman Creek Rd. Follow the road till you reach Hwy 101 then head North (right) back the the Seaside Visitor Bureau.

7. Beerman Creek Road Forestry Gate

The forestry road ends here and asphalt begins again just on the other side of the gate allowing good speed on the downhill slope.

8. Beerman Creek Rd - Hwy 101 Junction

Follow the road till you reach Hwy 101 then head North (right) back the the Seaside Visitor Bureau.

9. View Back To The Ocean & Seaside

This part of the trail provides great views back to Seaside, Tillamook Head and a glimpse of the ocean