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Seaside Oregon Coast Range Classic

A 21 mile ride taking in some excellent views of the coast and the forestry

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 21.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview:  The ride begins and ends at the Seaside Visitors Bureau parking lot. The ride climbs the back side of the ridge east of Seaside... more »

Tips:  Be prepared with a cellphone, a map (which you can get from the Campbell Group Forestry Center) at the top of Lewis & Clark Rd M-F... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Seaside Visiter Bureau & Information Center

The Seaside Visitor Bureau and Seaside Chamber of Commerce are co-located at the junction of Hwy 101 and Broadway. The Visitor Bureau provides information on Seaside, the surrounding area, Oregon, Washington.

The Visitor Bureau also provides valuable information on tide tables, State driving and local maps, dining and accommodation etc

Visitor... More

2. Wahanna - Lewis & ClarkRd/Crown Camp Rd Junction

Take a right at the junction to head up Lewis & Clark Rd hill. On the right at the junction you will see the North Coast Family Fellowship Church as a reference point. Head along the road (East) and start climbing the hill. This is a fairly long climb to the crest of the hill which ends roughly a 1/2 mile from the forestry entrance. After that... More

3. Forestry Entrance

The entrance to the forestry is over the summit of Lewis & Clark/Crown Camp Rd. Please read the sign as to the rules of the forestry.

Enter the gate and stay on the paved road past a chain-link fenced area on the right about 1/2 mile beyond the gate. This is the Warrenton Reservoir.

Just past the reservoir, look for a road on the right with... More

4. Looking North

Looking North up the North Oregon coastline and onto the mighty Columbia River

5. Junction: 322 and Little South Fork Cross Over

Track Junction of the 322 and Little South Fork Cross Over

6. Steep Terrain

Looking back along the route. The forestry has rugged terrain with often steep drops off the track. Caution should be taken when riding at all times

7. One Of Many Forestry Bridges

Many small bridges allow access across rivers on the routes around Seaside

8. Twin Peaks View

On the trail looking towards Twin Peaks a name that we have given to another route in our selection of trails

9. Looking West

Looking West towards the ocean and the city of Seaside

10. Fox Glove

At the right time of year fox glove can be seen across the landscape.......

11. An Abundance Of Life

Our trails take the traveler through forestry containing lots of plants & wildlife that includes black bears, elk, deer, and in rare cases mountain lions.

12. Access Across The Streams

Access across one of many streams. The forestry logging roads although rugged are dual track roads.

13. Campbell Group Forestry Buidling

This is where you can get your forestry map when open. It is normally open from 10-5pm.