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North Bank Ranch

Deer habitat used by hikers, hunters, bikers, and horse riders. Views of Umpqua River and Valley.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview:  The trail outlined in this guide is one of many that cris cross through the North Bank Ranch Habitat. You will see a few junctions... more »

Tips:  To get here from Eugene: Take 1-5 southbound to exit 135 toward Wilbor. Turn left over the overpass toward Hwy 99. Turn right at... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking/Trailhead

Park here in the gravel lot. You will find information on all the trails in the area, as well as hunting information. There is also a self registration area.

There is no fee to park here. There aren't any restrooms in the parking area, nor did we run across any on the trail.

2. Views of the Umpqua River

As you begin your hike you will rise above the oak and madrone trees and soon get nice views of the Umpqua River.

3. Junction

The first of many trail junctions. There are many other loops and trails throughout North Bank Ranch, some of the junctions have maps of the entire area which you can use if you want to wander off of this guide. There is a lookout if you turn right down this path, but it's about 1.5 miles away and will add 3 miles to your hike.

To follow this... More

4. South Knob & Trail Junction

You are now at the top of South Knob. Great views of the surrounding area and Umpqua River below. Keep to the trail on your left.

5. Middle Knob Junction

At this point take a short detour to your left. It deadends at the top of Middle Knob.

You will find the loops ahead steeper, and if it's been rainy muddier, then the trail you just came up. It's still not difficult, and you will be going downhill but some hikers may choose to just return the way they came.

6. Middle Knob Summit

The top of Middle Knob. Amazing panoramic views. Great place to stop for lunch.

7. Trail Junction

To continue to Chasm Creek trail keep left, however a few feet down the trail to your right is a detour to a really big madrone tree.

8. Saddle

The Chasm Creek trail drops down to your left. Straight ahead is a longer trail to the bottom that crosses a ridge line. and will meet up with the Chasm Creek trail at POI #11

9. Chasm Creek Trail

This is a pretty steep trail that follows chasm creek. We found it very muddy, as it had recently been raining. You will be glad you didn't come up this trail.

We also found a few spots where the creek was overflowing the trail and we had to cross it. Nothing too deep, but good to be aware of.

10. Keep Left

11. Trail Junction

At this point the Ridge Trail from POI #8 intersects with the Chasm Creek Trail.

12. Follow the Road South

Turn left here down the road.

13. Follow Trail Back to Parking Lot

You are almost back to the parking area. Turn left at the gate onto this little dirt path.