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Corvallis Riverfront Trail

A half-mile long stroll along the riverfront is the home to public art, fountains, and the Saturday Market.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.7 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview:  This short stroll along the Corvallis Waterfront is a perfect place to enjoy the long summer evenings after a meal downtown. There are... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Local History

There are plenty of signs about the history of downtown Corvallis spread all along the walk.

2. Tree-lined Walk

The entire riverbank is covered in thick, old trees. Elsewhere, the city has planted various specimen trees - many of them flowering.

3. Lots of Benches

There are plenty of benches along the path, which is nice during a post-meal walk.

4. Picnic Tables

There are also several picnic tables in case you want to eat outside.

5. More History

With well over a hundred years of historical photographs, the Corvallis Historical Society has put a lot of work into the signs.

6. River Views

A view of the Willamette River, the main drainage up through the valley and north to the Columbia River.

7. Flowering Dogwood

There are a couple dogwoods in the park that flower heavily every spring.

8. Another Dogwood

Another tree in the cluster, this one is larger than the rest.

9. More Benches

Another place to sit and enjoy the river.

10. Bird Statue

This bird mobile statue swing around in the wind. If you look closely, you can see that they cleverly hid the gates to close First St. to traffic for the Saturday Market.

11. Rock Sphere

Another piece of public art.

12. Big Grassy Lawn

This spot is a favorite for frisbee and lounging in the sun.

13. Tree Plaza

This area is full of tree-shaded benches and more statues.

14. River Otter Statue

The River Otter statue is a community favorite, so much so that an anonymous thief returned them in the middle of the night after a 6 month absence.

15. Large Bronze Statue

This complex statue, with otters, beaver, salmon, osprey, and fishermen, sits near the large fountains.

16. Children's Fountain

Look closely, the fountain is actually a map of the local area and the water drains through the watershed in the right directions. Watch out though, this is an easy spot to get splashed!

17. Old Van Buren Bridge

The old Van Buren Bridge is a center-pivot steel bridge, originally designed to turn 90 degrees to parallel the river and allow boat traffic past.

18. Ferry Details

Before the Van Buren Bridge, there was a hand-powered ferry!

19. Old Van Buren St.

Old views of Van Buren Street and the bridge.

20. New Harrison Bridge

When the Van Buren Bridge was too small to support traffic in both directions, a second bridge was constructed on block north on Harrison St.