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Snag Boat Bend Loop

Bring your binoculars and a good zoom lens for some amazing closeup views of Ospreys in their nests.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  This 341 acre refuge is managed by the Finley National Wildlife Refuge. This path will take you first over a boardwalk then along a... more »

Tips:  Head 10.8 miles down peoria road and look for the Snag Boat Bend trailhead on the right just past Oxbow Orchard. There is no fee to... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking Area

Park here. There is no fee to park here. Begin your trip by heading out onto the wooden boardwalk.

2. End of the Boardwalk

This is the end of the boardwalk. From here you'll continue on mowed grass for the rest of the trip. Keep an eye out for beaver trails coming from the water to your right through this area. In a quarter mile you'll come to a viewpoint over the Willamette and a picnic table.

3. Picnic Table

A picnic table and a view out over the water. Look for turtles here!

4. Water Viewpoint

Another viewpoint over the water. Look for herons.

5. Trail

Here is where you are supposed to return to via a loop hike but during the spring with high water this will not be passable. As you can see from the photo the trail just leads to water during these times.

6. Viewing Blind

Here you will find a nice viewing blind to watch for ospreys and herons over the water. From here continue down the path alongside the farm fields.

7. Junction

At this junction take a right over the levee. Take a look and listen for the bee hives that are in this corner of the field as well.

8. Osprey Nest

Look up and check out the osprey nest at the top of the pole above you. When we were here we saw several circling and landing in the nest. From here follow the trail down the hill to the right.

9. Turtle Loop Trail

Here you can take a loop around this field in either direction. Look for song birds.

10. Loop Trail Return

This is the other side of the return trail that is washed out in high water and springtime. As you can see from the photo, there is just no getting over it during this time of year without getting very wet. If you can't get through this part of the trail you'll need to turn around as you can tell we did with the track.