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MacDunn Forest Quad Burner - For Oregon State University Mountain Bikers

This killer route from the OSU Campus will leave your quads burning afterwards Try it if you dare!
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 30.4 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  I've detailed what I believe to be the hardest afternoon ride possible within the MacDunn Forest next to Oregon State University. ... more »

Tips:  Start at the center of campus on the Memorial Quad.

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Points of Interest

1. Memorial Union Quad

Start here at the center of campus and head north on 26th street to Campus Way.

2. Campus Way

Take a left on Campus Way and follow it across 35th street.

3. Covered Bridge

You can head either way here but it is more fun to go through the old restored covered bridge.

4. Cross 53rd Street

Cross the road and follow the bike path past the fairgrounds towards Bald Hill.

5. Take a Right

Take a right and head north around the east side of Bald HIll on the paved path.

6. Bald Hill Entrance

Here, by a barn on a hill is the entrance to the trails up Bald Hill. If you are truly an animal you can try to tackle this before continuing on but I wouldn't suggest it.... Check out my other guide for this if you are interested.

7. Bald Hill Parking Lot

Just before the bridge over the creek to the parking lot take a left and continue on a dirt path alongside the road past a cow pasture.

8. Oak Creek Drive

Take a right and then a left to head north on Oak Creek Drive. There is no bike lane but the shoulder is big and locals know this a popular bike route so it's not very dangerous.

9. Bare Right

Bare right to continue on Oak Creek Drive.

10. Homestead Trail

From the parking area here just before the trail signs take a left into the woods onto the Homestead Trail.

11. Road 6021

Take a left here and start your climb. The trailhead at Oak Creek was 480 feet and you will be climbing to the top of McCulloch Peak at 2,155 feet.... your first peak on this ride.

12. Head left

Head left onto a single track bike path that will take you to the top of McCulloch Peak.

13. McCulloch peak

Here is the short trail to the top of McCulloch Peak. At 2,155 feet you are at the top. Sit on the bench and enjoy the limited view. You sill have 2 more peaks to climb over... how do your quads feel?

14. Take a left onto the 700 road.

Take a left here to circle in a loop around to the north. Don't worry, either way you take will bring you back around staying on the 700 road.

15. Take a right

Take a right to circle around staying on the 700 road. Don't go left here as you'll end up going down into the wrong drainage!

16. 680 Road

Here you will depart from the 700 road and head right to start your descent down the 680 road after a quick traverse around the north side of a ridge.

17. Descent down 680

Here you will start your descent. to the south. (take a right).

18. Extendo

No, you are not allowed to bail here and have a wicked fun descent down to Extendo. Check out my other guide for that. Instead you are going to descend down the road a bit further and then start your 2nd major ascent... Enjoy the descent and let your legs rest!

19. Road 600

Take a left on road 600 and start your switchbacking climb up towards Dimple HIll.

20. Road 650

Take a right onto Road 650 to climb to the top of Dimple Hill.

21. Summit of Dimple Hill

You are at the top of Dimple Hill at 1,493 feet. If you are here in late summer there will be plenty of Himilayan Blackberries to eat. From here continue to the east down the trail instead of going back the way you came. Don't bomb down the trail though as you will soon exit back onto Road 600 again to head towards Lewisberg Saddle.

22. Exit off Trail

Exit off the trail to the 600 road to continue east and downhill. Follow this road all the way to Lewisburg Saddle ignoring all other side trails on the way.

23. Lewisburg Saddle

From here you are now going to head on a loop trail up Vineyard Mountain and back. Head down the William A. Davies Road to the left. You will follow this for about 3.5 miles past an old quarry, around clear cuts with great valley views and through stands of forest monitored by OSU with interpetive signs about what you are passing.

24. Clearcut Views

Views from the Davies Road.

25. Harry J. Nettleton Road

Here you will round a corner at a multiple road intersection and then double back to climb up the Nettleton Road towards Vineyard Mountain.

26. Top of Vineyard Mountain Trail

How are your thighs??? Strong enough to make it up this final little climb of a couple hundred feet to the top of Vineyard Mountain? Go for it! You will return here after you check the summit out.

27. Summit of Vineyard Mountain!

Congrats, you've made it to the top of your final big climb at 1,453 feet. Check out the TV towers and building at the top along with the old fireplace chimney then head back down to POI #26 to take a left and continue on a fun downhill down the Nettleton road back to Lewisberg Saddle.

28. 610 Road

Instead of heading back across Lewisberg Saddle up the 600 road towards Dimple again, take a quick left to head downhill on Road 610 instead to continue your descent.

29. Horse Trail

Head into the woods to your right here and then take a left and head downhill on the very fun single track Horse Trail.

30. Jackson Creek Road

Take a left for a brief distance down this gravel road and look for a bridge on your right into the woods. to continue onward towards Chip Ross Park.

31. Chip Ross Park Loop

Take a left to start your climb up and around Chip Ross Park. Follow the path which follows the edge of the forest around the park and then down to a parking area at the end of Lester Ave. You'll have some great views from this loop.

32. Head up the hill

From the parking lot head up the hill. Don't worry, this is your last little uphill of the ride. I feel sorry for your thighs at this point!

33. Take a left

Take a left onto this path and head down hill.

34. Another Left

Take another left to continue on a longer path down towards the Timber Hill Fitness Center.

35. Take a left

Take a left to find your way on this paved path down to 29th Street. The rest of the ride is paved and mostly downhill from here onward.

36. Cross Walnut

Cross Walnut and follow 29th Street all the way to Harrison.

37. Cross Harrison onto Arnold Way

Cross Harrison onto Arnold Way.. if you are an OSU student you'll be able to find your way back from here.

38. 26th Street Again

Take a left off of Monroe onto 26th street back to campus quad. You made it... may want to grab drink and relax for the rest of the day after that ride...