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Woodland Discovery Trail

This quick loop through Peavey Arboretum introduces you to the different aspects of an Oregon forest.
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 0.5 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview:  This quick loop takes you through a half mile section of forest, with plenty of signs and plaques to explain what you're seeing. It's ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead

The trails in the arboretum are all marked with brown post signs.

2. Interpretive Sign

3. Plant Markers

Some of the trees and bushes are marked with plaques so you can learn the species.

4. Interpretive Sign

5. Gravel Path

The trail is well-maintained with a packed gravel surface.

6. Tree Labels

The tree labels are great.

7. Canopy

Don't forget to look upwards.

8. Interpretive Sign

9. Invasives

Some of the trailside plants are invasive species.

10. Interpretive Sign

11. Mossy Log

Check out the coat of moss on some of the logs. It's an entire ecosystem within itself.

12. Epiphytic Ferns

They grow well on the trees...

13. Interpretive Sign

14. Quiet Bench

Surrounded by thick mossy forest, this is a quiet place to sit and think.

15. Molehills

Even in the forest, the moles are at work. They keep the forest soils loose and uncompacted as they dig.

16. Nursery Log

This fallen log provides a great nursery for seedlings, sheltered in the moss and ferns.

17. Interpretive Sign

18. Chin-up Bar

This plaque tells the story of the chin-up bar located in the forest. It has stood for 80 years and is still functional as I proved with a half dozen chin-ups.

19. Chin-up Bar

The bar itself.

20. Interpretive Sign

21. Quiet Bench #2

Another quiet bench in the forest.

22. Interpretive Sign

23. Interpretive Sign