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Frenkel Boardwalk Trail

The Bob Frenkel Boardwalk in Jackson-Frazier Wetland is a great, easy-access trail to view the local marshes.
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 0.8 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview:  This boardwalk is an easy path through the marsh. You can expect to see waterfowl and marsh songbirds as you stroll down the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Park Sign

2. HIking & Handicap Accessible

This trail is entirely constructed on a boardwalk, so it's extremely handicap accessible.

3. Small Beaver Dam

Right by the entrance to the park, beavers have built a dam across the culvert.

4. Bob Frenkel Boardwalk

The boardwalk is dedicated to Bob Frenkel, but no mention of who he was or what his connection to the wetlands were during his life.

5. Trail Map

At the memorial kiosk, there are maps and other information about the area.

6. Another Sign

A few regulations...

7. Boardwalk Begins

The boardwalk is well maintained, but in some places only a few inches above the spring meltwater. If the water is particularly high, you may find areas that have water over the path.

8. Marsh Openings

In the openings of the marsh, watch out for ducks and other wildlife.

9. Interpretive Sign

10. Zig-zag Boardwalk

The boardwalk snakes its way around the trees in the forested sections of the marsh.

11. Cattail Marsh

This section of marsh is all cattails

12. Red-winged Blackbirds

The cattail section of the marsh is full of red-winged blackbirds, fighting over territory.

13. Interpretive Sign

14. Sunrise Bench

This bench faces east, perfect for watching the sunrise over the marsh.

15. Trees with Ferns

Trees with epiphytic ferns are EVERYWHERE - it's the only dry "land" for the ferns in the marsh.

16. Beaver Run

In places, there are beaver runs criss-crossing the marsh.

17. Cattail Down

Last seasons cattails have gone to seed, in tufts of down.

18. Interpretive Sign

19. Nice Boardwalk

The boardwalk is well-fitted to the edges of the marsh.

20. Interpretive Sign

21. Mallards

Among the many species of ducks in the wetland, the mallards are the most common.

22. Another Bench

This bench is in the heart of the marsh, with a 360 deg view of the wetland.

23. Interpretive Sign

24. Sunset Bench

This bench faces west, a perfect place to watch the sunset.

25. Interpretive Sign

26. Observation Platform

Facing west, this is an interesting place to watch the birds.

27. Catkins

Catkins, a primitive "flower", from one of the trees.