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Bald Hill Natural Area Exploration in Corvallis

In this guide you will be exploring the many trails around little Bald Hill just outside of town
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 9.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  This is a great area to bring dogs. The trails here are super easy. These are literally all the trails in the area (and 2 unknown... more »

Tips:  Many different free parking options off Oak Creek Road in North Corvallis, at the Corvallis Fairgrounds, or off SW Reservoir Ave.

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Points of Interest

1. Parking

Another possible free parking area entrance.

2. Parking lot on Oak Creek Road

This one is a popular one for OSU people.

3. NOT a parking area

Although you can use this to exit out onto Oak Creek Road if you are planning on biking north on it towards MacDunn Forest.

4. Blackberries

Tons of invasive, yet yummy, himalayan blackberries along this stretch of pavement.

5. Dog Trail

This is a short dog trail that leads through the woods.

6. A restored barn

This nice little area provides shade on a hot day. You may see horses here.

7. Wide Road

This is a jeep road that heads up bald hill. Horses often take this route and it becomes pretty muddy. I'd head up the hill a little further and enter the woods on the singletrack trail.

8. Single Track Trail

This trail heads into the dark woods. I don't believe mountain bikers are supposed to be on it but I've never heard any complaints and have seen a lot do it.

9. Blackberries or Cow Pastures?

If you head right (with your back to the parking lot) you'll take a wide loop around some cow pastures, while if you head straight ahead down a corridor of blackberry bushes you'll be greeted to some tasty treats.

10. Take a Left

If you take a right you'll just go a short distance and end up at Oak Creek Road again.

11. Take a left

Take a left down the very straight dirt path ahead. Halfway down this strip you'll see a little covered bench you can stop at to gaze at the cows in the pasture! ha!

12. Pavement or Bald Hill

At this junction you can either take the dog path back to the paved trail, climb a short distance up to the barn or head westward for a loop trail up to the Top of Bald Hill.

13. Return or Top

Here you can return via a hiking trail towards the barn through some pretty woods or continue to switch back up the trail another hundred feet or so to the top.

14. Summit Junction

Not really a "summit" but I'm running out of names for all these POI's! Here you can literally see the top of Bald Hill but have the choice to skirt it and start heading down some fun single track or go up to the top.

15. Top of Bald Hill

You'll have a nice bench to sit down on and catch your breath, especially if you just biked to the top. Here you have several choices. Bike back to POI #15 and make a choice or continue on to POI #17 eastward a short distance. You'll have a great view of Mary's Peak from the top too.

16. Several trail choices

Here you can chose to head back down the road or take one of the single track routes. The one heading up the hill will take you back to POI #15 or you can take the singletrack downard that will eventually return you to the barn.

17. 4-Way Junction

Here you can either head down the muddy jeep road or continue on through the woods. Going left up the hill will bring you back towards the Bald Hill ascent while heading down the trail will bring you out to the barn.

18. Non-Sanctioned Descent #1

This is a descent that is hard to find and is not a maintained trail. It can be a fun descent for mountain bikers with good suspensions that know how to handle ruts, as there are many. this will lead you to the paved path below.

19. Non-Sanctioned Descent #2

This is the other possible descent for mountain bikers. Both are not maintained. This one has some fun switchbacks to negotiate on the descent. It will also bring you back to the paved trail below.

20. Paved Junction

Here you have the choice of either heading back to the Fairgrounds if you parked there (POI #1) or to the more popular Bald Hill Parking lot off Oak Creek Road (POI #3) if parked there.