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Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area

Cape Range National Park, Ningaloo Marine Park and Bundegi and Jurabi coastal parks

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 186.411 miles
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview:  The Ningaloo Coast World Heritage area is full of contrasts. You can pass from a high plateau shrubland to deep ocean within just a... more »

Tips:  For all information about camping in Cape Range National Park and for bookings please see dec.wa.gov.au/campgrounds. Camping areas are... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Charles Knife Canyon

2. Thomas Carter Lookout and the Badgirrajirra Trail

The Thomas Carter Lookout is 311m above sea level and is one of the highest points in Cape Range National Park. Here you can enjoy views of the ocean, both west and east over the gulf. Picnic tables are located just before the lookout.

The lookout is the start and end of the Badjirrijirra Trail, a moderately difficult 8km loop trail traversing... More

3. Shothole Canyon

An unsealed road traverses the bottom of this scenic canyon in one of the most rugged areas of Cape Range National Park. Named after the shotholes left by explosive charges set off during the exploration for oil in the 1950s, colourful rock layers can be seen in the canyon walls.

4. Bundegi

Bundegi Coastal Park is jointly managed by the Shire of Exmouth and the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW). It is 14km north of Exmouth and has a boat ramp and small boat jetty. The boundary of Ningaloo Marine Park is near the edge of Bundegi Reef. The reef is a popular dive site due to its accessibility from Exmouth and the ease of reaching ... More

5. 'The Dunes' surf break

Dunes Beach is the most popular surf break in Ningaloo Marine Park. The best swells for surfing are from July to October.

Vlaming Head Lighthouse, 19km north of Exmouth, was built in 1912 and offers sweeping views of North West Cape.

The Cape Range peninsula was probably first sighted by Europeans in 1618, when it was recorded by Claeszoon van Hillagom and Pieter Dirkzoon of the Dutch East India Company, on board the Zeewolf en route to Batavia in the Dutch East... More

7. Jurabi Turtle viewing

The Jurabi Turtle Centre is an interpretive educational facility located 13km from Exmouth townsite. The centre is accessible to the public at all times and provides information about the threatened sea turtles that live in the adjacent Ningaloo Marine Park. Threatened green turtles (Chelonia mydas), loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) and... More

8. Tantabiddi

Whale shark and manta ray tours in Ningaloo Marine Park depart from the boat ramp at Tantabiddi.

From mid-March to mid-May each year visitors from all around the world converge on Ningaloo for the experience of a lifetime diving with the awesome whale shark, the world's biggest species of fish. Ningaloo Reef is the only easily accessible place in... More

9. Entrance to Cape Range National Park

Day entry fees:
$11 per vehicle (up to eight legally seated people)
$5 per concession cardholders or motorcycle
$5 per passenger or $1.50 per concession cardholder in a vehicle with more than with occupants but not on a commercial tour

Eligible concessions:
Seniors Card, Age Pension, Disability Support, Carer Payment, Carer Allowance, Department ... More

10. Mangrove Bay bird hide

Mangrove Bay is a popular spot for birdwatching. A 100m walk from the car park to a purpose-built hide allows you to quietly watch some local and migratory birds in a coastal mangrove swamp.

You may be able to spot the collared mangrove kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris pilbara), which hunts at low tide over the mudflats, rather than deep diving.... More

11. Milyering Visitor Centre

Milyering Visitor Centre is open every day 9am to 3.45pm, except Christmas Day. Built of rammed earth and powered by solar energy, it was the first totally environmentally friendly building of its type in Australia. Displays, brochures and videos explain the natural communities of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage area, and a small library... More

12. Lakeside

Lakeside is an ideal spot to explore by snorkel from the shore. It has numerous bombies of massive corals (Porites sp.), and many other kinds of coral also grow in the area. The corals shelter a profusion of other marine life, including many colourful fish. However, the site can experience quite strong currents due to tidal movements and large... More

13. Turquoise Bay

Turquoise Bay is an excellent dive site because of its ease in most conditions, the rich diversity of coral, fish and other marine life very close to shore and the exceptional beauty of the beach and Turquoise Bay itself.

However, care needs to be taken when swimming in strong currents. Strong currents are usually confined to the beach... More

14. Oyster Stacks

The Oyster Stacks are five isolated islets that protrude from the reef. They are literally covered with oysters. This site should only be snorkelled on a high tide when there is sufficient water over the reef - please check at Milyering Visitor Centre for tide times. It is best undertaken by more experienced divers. The dive around Oyster Stacks... More

15. Mandu Mandu Gorge

A 3km return trail leads along the gorge rim then descends into the gorge so that you walk along the bottom back to the carpark. There is no permanent water and very little shade. Only attempt gorge walks in the cooler months between April and November. Early mornings are often the best times to view wildlife as you walk.

16. Pilgramunna

This is an excellent place for snorkellers of any level. You can drive your vehicle close to the entry point and the snorkel is undemanding, with the snorkeller rarely more than 10m from shore and only swimming about 150m in total. Despite this, the site has a surprising diversity of marine life, some beautiful coral formations, multitudes of... More

17. Osprey Bay

Osprey Bay is situated above a rock-shelf shoreline which has small sandy enclaves exposed at low tide and arguably the best ocean views within Cape Range National Park.

A sandy beach leads north to Sandy Bay and is located adjacent the Osprey Sanctuary Zone of Ningaloo Marine Park. Like many other localities along the Ningaloo Coast, Osprey Bay... More

18. Yardie Creek boat cruise

Experience the spectacular colours and beauty of this rugged gorge with a one-hour cruise along protected waters of Yardie Creek. Experienced Department of Parks and Wildlife guides point out the unique array of wildlife - including the rare black-footed rock-wallaby, numerous birds and their nesting sites and a surprising variety of marine life.
... More

19. Yardie Creek Gorge rim walk

This two kilometre return track takes you along the northern rim of Yardie Creek. It has spectacular views. If you look carefully you may spot rock wallabies amongst the rock ledges on the other side of the gorge.

20. Shark nursery

A reef shark nursery can be found just 20 minutes walk north of Main Beach in Coral Bay. From October to March, watch as up to 200 reef sharks frolic in the shallow waters.

This small but picturesque resort town offers coral gardens just metres off pristine white beaches. Explore on your own or join one of the many tours on offer including glass bottom boats, diving tours, manta ray tours, whale watching tours, whale shark tours, scenic flights, quad bike tours and catamaran tours. Diving instruction, compressed air ... More