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Sleeping Beauty - Lake George

A nice loop hike over a mountain with beautiful views to a small pond and back on the remote east side of Lake George.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  This is a fun seven mile loop hike that brings you over the summit of Sleeping Beauty to Bumps Pond and then back. Sleeping Beauty... more »

Tips:  Directions to Trailhead:
Follow Route 149 East towards Fort Anne from Lake George. 1.6 miles east of the intersection of Rte 149 and ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Sleeping Beauty Parking Lot off Shelving Rock Road

Park here. There are no fees. Head out on the old road into the woods. Sometimes the old road to Dacey clearing is open but it is very rough so it makes more sense to park here and walk the old road to Dacey Clearing and then continue on the trail.

2. Dacey Clearing

The official start of the trails for Sleeping Beauty although everyone usually walks the old road from the parking lot off Shelving Rock Road.

3. Trail Junction

At this junction head right so you can loop around Sleeping Beauty then head up past some cliffs on the the way to the true summit which is wooded.

4. Overlook

From here you can look south over the woods far below and also get glimpses of Lake George to the west.

5. True Summit

You are at 2,347 feet. The true summit of Sleeping Beauty. It's wooded so you probably won't want to take any photos either. :)

6. Bumps Pond

The trail loops around Bumps Pond and then returns you to POI #2 and then back to your car.