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Touring the Classic Hotels on the Strip

Hit the highlights of some of the Strip's oldest properties

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.8 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview:  Compared to other U.S. cities, Las Vegas is surprisingly young. Though early settlers made their way to the area known now as the Las ... more »

Tips:  Because of Las Vegas' ever-changing face, it's hard to visit specific, noteworthy points of interest. Nonetheless, it is possible to... more »

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Points of Interest

Begin your tour at Bally's Las Vegas, which has gone through a number of reincarnations over the years. Opened in 1963, this site was first occupied by the Three Coins Motel, which then became the Bonanza Hotel and Casino (and later renamed the New Bonanza Hotel and Casino). It was rebuilt and opened as the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in 1973; at... More

Take the footbridge from Bally's to the other side of Flamingo Avenue. Past Bill's is Flamingo Las Vegas, the first resort on the Strip with a mob connection and the oldest resort on the Strip today.

Las Vegas mobster Bugsy Siegel named this iconic Las Vegas casino the Flamingo after the long legs of his showgirl girlfriend, Virginia Hill. Siegel... More

Next to the Flamingo is Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino, which has been in business since 1959. Originally called the Flamingo Capri, Imperial Palace is now owned by Caesars Entertainment.

Though not specifically significant to Las Vegas' history, Imperial Palace is home to the world's largest classic car showroom, which is located on the fifth... More

Cross the street to the Mirage, a 3,044-room resort that was designed by Steve Wynn and opened in November 1989. At the time, it was the most expensive hotel casino constructed in history at a cost of $630 million. When it opened, the Mirage was the first casino to use security cameras full time on all gaming tables.

Though the Mirage has been... More

The Peppermill Restaurant & Fireside Lounge is located a little more than a mile north up Las Vegas Boulevard from the Mirage, but it is worth the trip if you'd like to experience one of Sin City's oldest and most classic diners.

Since 1972, this stand-alone structure has been serving up 24/7 casual diner meals complete with milkshakes and... More

The present day Las Vegas Hilton was built on land that was originally occupied by the Las Vegas Park Speedway, a failed horse and auto racing facility in the 1950s. In 1969, the property was opened as International Hotel, the largest hotel in the world at the time.

The resort is best known for its famous performers: In 1969, Elvis Presley... More