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Budget-Friendly Family Tour

Beyond theme parks: family friendly activities that won't break the bank
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 11.5 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Orlando can be expensive, especially if you have a week full of theme parks planned. Take a day off from the parks and visit some of... more »

Tips:  You will need a car to complete this tour. If you visit each of these activities, you will need at least half a day. Depending on the ... more »

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Points of Interest

Begin your morning with a stroll around Lake Eola Park, one of the city parks located downtown. Watch the swans swim around or take a ride in a paddle boat. There are a number of restaurants located around the area where you can grab breakfast or lunch while you are there. There are often events and festivals held here so check the city parks... More

If you are still exploring Lake Eola at lunchtime, grab a bite to eat at Relax Grill. Sit outside and enjoy a sandwich before you head on to your next destination. Check the weather before you go because it does close during inclement weather.

After lunch, get back in your car for the 15-minute drive to Harry P. Leu Gardens.
211 Eola Pkwy.
... More

Learn about the plants and flowers native to Central Florida at this garden next to Lake Rowena in the middle of the city. See camellias, roses, wildflowers, palms and more.

Take a tour of the Leu House Museum and stop by the butterfly garden to learn more about their different stages of life. Relax under the giant moss-covered trees.

To see... More

4. Audubon Park Garden District

Audubon Park Garden District is located just a few minutes from both Harry P. Leu Gardens and Blue Jacket Park, which is your next stop in this guide. Audubon Park Garden District is a main street area in Orlando with local businesses and eateries.

Grab a meal at one of the several restaurants in this neighborhood. Check the park schedule before ... More

5. Blue Jacket Park

Blue Jacket Park is a historic site that served as the Orlando Naval Training Center and is now a public city park. Let the kids play on the playground or take a walk on the trail. Children will love watching the beautiful fountain. If you picked up lunch on your way, there are lots of places to have a picnic lunch.
2501 General Rees Ave.
... More