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Fort Lauderdale's Beautiful Beaches

A tour along the beachfront through Fort Lauderdale starts at a pier and stops at a state park and aquatic museum.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5.5 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  This is why you've come to Fort Lauderdale— it's home to some of the USA's most beautiful beaches. Add to that an abundance of new... more »

Tips:  It's hot in South Florida, so wear a hat, sunscreen and bring plenty of water.

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Points of Interest

The first beach stop is on the northern outskirts of Fort Lauderdale. Open 24 hours a day, Anglins Pier on Commercial Boulevard in the tiny beachside village of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is a great place to start the day. Catch a glorious sunrise as you watch local fishermen score big on the pier.

Built in 1963, this is a favorite spot for locals.... More

A great way to experience the wild side of South Florida is at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, 180 acres of pristine wilderness located right across from the beach, off of busy Sunrise Boulevard.

This 180 acre preserve can feel like your own private reserve for a mere $2 entrance fee. You can rent a canoe for $5 and explore this tropical paradise.... More

From Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, start walking south along A1A. If you see one of the brightly colored yellow and red trolleys, wave it down and it will pull over, as there are no bus stops. For 50 cents you can ride the trolley down the 1.5 mile stretch of beach to Fort Lauderdale's bustling beach area known as "the Strip" and to The Gallery at... More

Right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale's central beach area is a landmark honoring aquatic sports. Diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, they are all highlighted in this unique museum housing the world's largest collection of aquatic memorabilia.

Display cases hold swimsuits and medals from Olympians, including Mark Spitz. The International... More

5. South Beach Park

This is the reason why you came to Fort Lauderdale— beautiful beaches along a wide coastline.

South Beach Park is one of Fort Lauderdale's most scenic beaches. It's clean, family-friendly and has an abundance of activities for every age. There are plenty of free shaded picnic tables and barbecues available under the pine trees. There's also a... More