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Centennial Cone Mountain Bike Guide

Mountain bike trail west of Golden, CO
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 16.4 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  This is a relatively new trail that opened several years ago. It is about 10 miles west of Golden yet seems to be far more remote than... more »

Tips:  On weekends, you can only ride on even numbered days. During the week, it is multi-use and you can ride any of those days.

Keep in... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Mayhem Gulch Parking Lot

2. 1.5 miles

Intersection of Mayhem Gulch and Juniper Trail. Go straight (left) onto the Juniper trail.

3. 2.3 miles

Intersection with Travois and Juniper Trail. Go left onto the Travois trail.

4. 2.6 miles

Intersection of Travois Trail with Elk Range trail. Turn right onto the Elk Range trail. Keep in mind that the Elk Range trail is closed in late spring/early summer. Be sure to check the Centennial Cone website for information on closures of this trail.

5. 4 miles

First of 2 gates to cross.

6. 4.5 miles

The 2nd gate of two to pass.

7. 5.7 miles

Intersection of Elk Range Trail with Travois trail. Take a right onto the Travois trail. Enjoy the downhill singletrack.

8. 6.3 miles

Travois trail intersects with the Evening Sun Loop trail. You can take either trail as the Evening Sun Loop trail rejoins the Travois trail in about 0.7 miles. The Travois trail offers more scenic views, but don't let your eye wander too far from the trail. A fall off of the Travois trail on this section could result in a fairly long tumble... More

9. 6.9 miles

Evening Sun Loop trail rejoins the Travois trail. Continue on the Travois trail. There are no more intersecting trails for the next 7.4 miles.

10. 7.7 miles

Enjoy the view from a high point on the trail.

11. 10 miles

Bridge crossing over Elk Creek. Take a quick break here. After the bridge, the climb back out begins.

12. 14.3 miles

Intersection of the Travois trail with the Mayhem Gulch trail. Turn left onto the Mayhem Gulch trail. The hard part of the ride is over with and now is mostly dowhill back to your car.

13. 15.1 miles

You have returned to the intersection of the Mayhem Gulch trail with the Juniper trail (see POI #2). Turn left and continue on the Mayhem Gulch trail. Enjoy the 1.5 miles of downhill singletrack. You have earned it.

14. 16.6 miles

Congratulations! You have finished the ride and are back at the Mayhem Gulch parking lot.