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Mori Point and Sweeney Ridge Loop

10.8 mile trail near San Bruno, California
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 10.8 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview:  Mori Point and Sweeney Ridge Loop is about 10.8 miles long and located near San Bruno, California. The trail is great for hiking and... more »

A nice trek along the Ridge and then down to the coast and looping back up to the Ridge.  Awesome views.


Up Sweeney Ridge Tr, R on Mori Ridge Tr, carefully cross Hwy 1, Upper Mori Tr, L on Lishumsha Tr, L on Coastal Tr, L on Bluff Trail, carefully find a way over to Rockaway Beach and cross Hwy 1 at Shell Station. Go L or north along Hwy 1 and locate the trail behind a church parking lot on right. Ascend eastward and pick up unmarked trail to Baquiano Tr, L on Sweeney Ridge Tr. Here lies a couple of markers indicating where the Portola Exhibition discovered San Francisco Bay in 1769. Continue north on Sweeney Ridge Trail which leads to a series of abandoned buildings that were formerly the site of the SF-51C Nike missile control facility. Continue north on trail back to parking.


Hike at your own risk.  We picked a very nice day.  Check the forecast as Pacifica can be foggy and cold relative to the Bay Area. 


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Tips:  Parking is free at the back of Skyline College in Lot B on the weekends. However, during the week, this lot is used by maintenance... more »

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