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Shasta State Historic Park Tour

Explore the remains of the "Queen City" of California’s northern mining district while learning about the gold rush

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  Six miles west of Redding a row of old, half-ruined, brick buildings remind passing motorists that Shasta City, the lusty "Queen City"... more »

Tips:  Location-Directions
The park is six miles west of downtown Redding. Highway 299 passes through the town’s main street.

... more »

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Points of Interest

1. History lesson part 1 - Rise

Placards posted by each of the brick storefronts detail the history of the town.

In sum, Shasta occupied a strategic location in 1850s California. Reading Springs was located 5 miles from where Pierson B. Reading discovered gold. By 1849, gold in the nearby streams ran out. Miners moved to sites in Siskiyou and Trinity Mountains. But because of ... More

2. History lesson part 2 - Fall

Placards by the storefronts detail the history of the town

In sum, Shasta rebuilt its commercial district in brick after fire twice devastated the wooden town. In 1872,the railroad arrived in Redding. As Redding became the new commercial center for Northern California, Shasta's population declined. By the 1930s, the structures on this street were... More

3. The Litsch General Store

Frank Litsch, a German native, arrived in Shasta in 1853. Trained as a baker, he also mined and bartended before establishing the Litsch General Store in 1873. The building he chose had been constructed in 1856 with fireproof elements such as brick, iron shutters, stout roof beams, and a soil covered roof. Most canned goods sold at Litsch's store ... More

Henry Blumb operated a bakery, with saloon, from 1878 to 1919. The building was reconstructed in 1992 to match its 1880s appearance. Schoolchildren and weekend visitors often enjoy historic baking in the faithfully reconstructed brick oven.

5. Washington Brewery

Established in 1855

6. Coyle-Foster Barn

The barn was built in the late 1850s by Thomas and Mary Coyle. It was used to shelter horses at the Holland House Hotel, on the road to Oregon. In 1959, its original site was flooded by the construction of Trinity Dam, so the barn was dismantled then reassembled at Shasta State Historic Park.

Mining and agricultural machinery on display includes... More

7. Courthouse museum

The Courthouse museum includes many historical exhibits. Visitors can view the Boggs collection of art, assembled by a former resident; tour an entertainment room, set up with period furniture; walk down a corridor lined with transportation exhibits; and hear the narrative of townsfolk, including a succcessful former slave and a less-lucky jail... More