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MBE Pebble Beach Ride

6.3 mile trail near Del Monte Forest, California
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 6.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview:  MBE Pebble Beach Ride is about 6.3 miles long and located near Del Monte Forest, California. The trail is great for horseback riding... more »

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Points of Interest

2. 3 st. Xing! 1st to front of firestation then to triangle island then X Lopez St.

3. On this street X-ing you need to walk down the street approx 25 yrds to cross

4. The Crawford Trail is in the S.F.B. Morris Botanical Reserve, turn right at end

5. Fire Roads: Rt on 6, up hill on 2, Rt on 4 until you see the Green Trail uphill

6. Take the orange trail skirting Lopez Rd, skirt tunnels to the right

7. Stay in the pine trees as you walk thru Poppy Hills Golf Course

8. Stay on the blue trail, go past Stevenson School's track

9. Another pretty busy street crossing

10. Skirting the 17th Fairway Trail behind some beautiful homes

11. Not clearly marked trail, stay behind residences

12. Using the orange connector trail, pass several fire roads to Drake Rd.

13. Take the green trail called "The Loop"

14. Very steep and deep sand dunes, Cypress Point Golf Course off to your left

15. Beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, especially on a sunny day!

16. Crossing 17 Mile Drive and walking thru the iceplant

17. The "Ginger Bread House"

18. Indian Village